Medical Marijuana Laws

The Coalition for Medical marijuana was formed in 2003, in the state of New Jersey. They would like to have medical marijuana legalized in New Jersey for patients under a doctor’s care that could benefit from its use.

December 15th, 2008 a hearing will be held on the legalization. There will be a vote on the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act. For four years this vote has floated around the committee, but it has never reached a vote.

If it passes the committee, the next stop would be the senate.

Will it pass? The Coalition for Medical Marijuana certainly hopes so. They have to convince The New Jersey State Senate Health, Human Services, and the Senior Citizens Committee that it will help.

If the bill passes New Jersey would be the 14th state in the U.S. to protect medical marijuana patients under a doctor’s care. Many health care organizations approve of the use and will testify at the hearing in support of the bill.

The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees endorsed the medical marijuana bill. The AFSCME consists of nurses, EMT’s, bus drivers, and other service and health care workers. It is the largest union for workers in public service.

How does the average citizen feel? According to the latest poll 87% of New Jersey approves of legalizing medical marijuana, but are these polls right?

If this bill is passed it could mean hope for Cancer patients, as well as Leukemia, Multiple Sclerosis, and other deadly diseases. It is said to ease their pain. It’s also stated that it is safe, and therapeutic.

The Federal Government, on the other hand doesn’t agree. They oppose the use of medical marijuana so don’t expect it to be available in pharmacies. In the 13 other states that have legalized medical marijuana they grow their own, legally, which New Jersey would also have to do.

Oregon has the medical marijuana law for specified medical conditions. They have to have a special ID card, and advised by a physician.

In 1998 voters passed Ballot measure #67. In the event a patient does not have an ID card, and are on trial for possession they can cite the “choice of evils defense.”

In 2004 Governor Jim Douglas allowed the medical marijuana bill to be passed without his signature. The state was Vermont. The patient must have a debilitating condition, and a state issued registry condition.

In 1978 Illinois passed the medical marijuana act, but because of the wording and political agendas it has never been put to use. In 2004 they considered a new bill, but they threw it out from lack of support.

No matter what state you are from eventually the bill will come to your area. Will it be supported, or will it fail? Only time will tell.

I think the bill will be passed in New Jersey. It has a lot of support from the medical profession as well as the people of New Jersey.