Looking for a Quality Lawyer

Most people that find themselves in need of a lawyer, usually have a problem. They are getting divorced, have custody issues, need to file a lawsuit against someone or have need of a good criminal defense attorney. More often then not, you have a problem and need legal counsel. So if you find yourself in one of these situations, there are some things that might help you find the lawyer that fits your needs.

First and most important is that they respect that  your time is as valuable as their time. I understand that everyone has things that come up and we get behind in every schedule, but if you find yourself setting in a lobby of a law office and you have been there for an hour waiting for an appointment, you might want to look for someone else. I have found that an attorney that makes appointments and leaves potential clients waiting will probably skim over their case or pass it along to a paralegal to do most of the leg work. They might show up for court, but probably will not be very familiar to your case and the details.

When you have your first consultation, notice if they listen. That is a very important quality in a good lawyer. Make sure they listen to what you have to say. See if they take notes and ask you questions. You can get a feel about them usually in that first meeting. Your case or situation is very important to you and it should be to your attorney.

Notice how long it takes for a return phone call.  There are many clients that will make numerous call to their attorney, but if you have an important question, notice how long it takes for either them or a paralegal to contact you with the answer. If they are so busy too address your question, then they may have too many clients with ongoing cases to give you the attention your case needs. This is a important quality of the relationship between you and your lawyer. You have to be able to trust them. And more importantly, you have to be honest with them. But in fair turn, expect them to be honest with you.

Another quality in an attorney to look for is one that does not keep on have your case continued. There are times when it cannot be helped, if the Judge continues your case or your attorney might have too. But a good attorney will not keep making excuses as to why your case has been continued for an extended period of time.

Your potential attorney will be honest and up front about your options and your chances of proving successful in whatever type of case  you are going through. If you go into the case with promises of everything going your way, be cautious. A good lawyer will tell your the pro’s and con’s of your situation. They will be trustworthy. They will always honor attorney client privilege.

I thinks we all have heard many jokes about lawyers and pond scum, but like with any profession, there are some really good ones out there. You just have to look for the qualities that are important for you. Research them, ask them about their success rate in your type of case.

An important lesson I learned once was after I asked an attorney why he defended criminals of horrendous crimes and he explained that everyone deserved the right to a fair trial. He also reminded me that you are innocent until proven guilty in this country. That is a quality that all attorney’s should have. That their clients are important, no matter what type of case.  A quality lawyer will treat people as human beings.

A successful attorney does not necessarily mean that a counselor is of one good quality. When it comes down to it, they work for you. You need to be completely comfortable with them.  Remember it is always true, quality is better than quantity.