Living Paycheck to Paycheck how to Stretch your Income

Having five children, we live pay check to pay check and it is not fun. We always run out of food and items we need during the week. Right now our home is getting foreclosed on because of a mortgage company that went belly up and the guy at the mortgage company forgot to put our second in the contract and said we didn’t have a payment for three months. We didn’t pay for three months and then they decided not to refinance us because the guy didn’t put our second mortgage in. It’s not fair that because of their mistakes we are loosing our home.

My husbands hours went down at work and he only brings home not quite $400.00 a week and I get $300.00 every other week. With two vehicle payments and only paying utility bills we are barely surviving. We have about 4 months left here in our home and then we need to find another home. I am trying for full time but no luck in three months.

We stretch every little penny and we might only spend $50.00 on groceries a week if that. The kids eat a lot of peanut butter and jelly and macaroni and cheese. They don’t go hungry. There are snacks but we make those stretch to. We do still go out to eat and that is our only enjoyment. With gas prices being so high we ride our bikes and try and conserve on driving. We can’t seem to get a break. Life is all about money and we revolve around making it.

We actually spend less on groceries now that I have five kids than when we first got married and had no kids. We spent like $150.00 a week in groceries,now we might spend that in a month. We don’t make enough income to pay our bills and that is really hard,so we have to wait to for shut off notices and we only pay the minimum amount on the bills to have it turned back on.

When you have very little it’s easy to make it stretch. You get used to all the hand me downs and shopping at good will. You don’t buy the best you buy what you can afford. Your needs come first and you always put the things you want on the back burner.

I used to have money and never paid much attention to the price of things and never really cared. Loosing it all made me wake up and now I know the value of the dollar. I took things for granted when I had money. I feel I traded my money in for a husband and five children. I don’t regret it at all, it is hard living week by week and not knowing what the future holds, that is where I have to believe that God is going to see us through the tough times and take care of our housing and our living needs.

I don’t think Donald Trump could live the way we live. I think he takes everything for granted like I use to. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I hope and pray that things get better.