Legalize Marijuana

Yes, medical Marijuana should be legalized for the fact that the THC particle from it, has no harmful effects toward the human body. If they say that it helps patients with Glaucoma, Cataracts, for Pain, as well for those with severe depression. Many seem to look down upon the fact of more and more people smoking medicinal marijuana to help ease their pains, their troubles, their misery.

Marijuana isn’t a man-made product like cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, or ectasy. If all of these man-made drugs are easier for citizens to get a hold of then a simple gram of weed, how could that be allowed. There has never been any known death toward Marijuana, it doesn’t cause you to lose your brain cells either. If you were losing your brain cells everytime you took a hit off a joint, or smoked out of a pipe, we would all eventually be brain dead. But we’re not.

Our body alone is a miraculous item, and for the government to just hold a study in the early 70’s for them to take it off the market, as they did with LSD. LSD, yes, it is a hallucinogen, but there aren’t even a handful of chemicals put into it. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide is a toxin that opens up the Pineal gland, which is the gland located in the brain, otherwise known as the all seeing eye, that opens up your imagination. Now, if this chemical is a mind-opener, why would they take it off the counters just as easily as it’s made?

Marijuana is a very positive aspect to humans everyday, but with it not legal in most states, many have to deal with their pain throughout everyday with having to take some sort of pain pill or a few pain pills just to get through the day. Pain pills are even proven to cause Liver failure, serious brain problems such as hemorrhages, seizures, etc. Even if those who are going through pain, if they end up using Medicinal Marijuana in the state they’re in, they have serious consequences brought upon, but no one to overlook the situation. Now why would the government do all of that? Why would they make a Class 1 narcotic more illegal than the Class 3 narcotic which is Alcohol.

Now, I don’t believe that there should be a tax put upon such a medicinal plant, but, if many were able to buy Medical Marijuana, just as easy as a candy bar in a liquor store, we as a whole would all see a change in how the United States is seemed to be. In Europe, they don’t even have any restrictions put onto drugs for the fact that is causes too much of a hasle. Now, if in Europe they can do that, and have it easy over there; why can’t it be just as simple here for all of us citizens to be able to smoke for a good cause.

The government can’t even state what is so-called ‘wrong’ with Marijuana, but it’s still illegal. We still have the illegal trafficking of Marijuana everyday. But if we were to legalize it, wouldn’t everyone see a positive change for the good? A change for the better for everyone.