Legalization of Prostitution

By regulating prostitution, the safety of all parties can be monitored. Sex workers would be screened for STIs and protected from potentially harmful clients. The clients would also get the same benefits, as can be proven by the system of legalized prostitution in parts of Nevada.

The opposition say that it would lead to the more vulnerable of society getting involved but the presupposes that all prostitution is harmful to women and that prostitutes’ voices are never credible when they defend prostitution as an alternative

Furthermore the fact that prostitutes are not on the whole well educated does not mean anything. Prostitutes often are undereducated and this means that their choices are far more limited, many would prefer to work in an industry where they make relatively decent money, can work child friendly hours and don’t come home physically destroyed. The alternatives often are labour heavy, hour intensive menial work which would not necessarily leave them happy or content.

Approximately 25% of prostitutess fare better than the average woman, 50% have similar experiences and 25% have experiences that can be described as nightmareish. However, if you look at this group they are already especially vulnerable and often illegal immigrants or drug dependent i.e. the ready-made victims of exploitation.

Since prostitutes must engage in sex work in a clandestine fashion, identifying the number of American women who engage in prostitution isn’t easy. Most calculations range between 230,000 and 350,000, but some estimates run as high as 1.3 million. Some women who go into prostitution do so out of desperation. Some women do so for reasons that have nothing to do with victimization.

Legalization is what it sounds like. A few counties in Nevada have legalized prostitution – primarily, prostitutes work in brothels with managers or madams. The brothels pay taxes, are regulated by the local government, and are an integral part of the local economy. In addition, brothels require monthly blood tests of sex workers, so as to safeguard against the spread of HIV and other STDs.

Proponents of legalization ultimately believe that outlawing prostitution violates an individual’s civil liberties and one’s freedom to do what one chooses with one’s body. Like those in favor of legalizing drugs, proponents of legalization of sex-for-money argue that everyone benefits when sex work, which will go on regardless of legality, is monitored and regulated by the government. As a consequence, the spread of STD’s would lessen, as would violent crimes against sex workers. Proponents point to Nevada’s relatively successful bordello system as evidence legal prostitution can