Is Investing in Permanent Life Insurance a Good Option

Yes! Providing you own the right type of life insurance, and you have accumulated enough cash value to allow you to borrow the amount you need.

I want to share with you that this benefit, this process of being able to accumulate cash value in your life insurance contract is one of the best ways to grow your economy in a steady, safe and efficient way available.

The financial industry has educated us in a way that we now believe without a doubt that in order to grow our money we have to take high and unnecessary risks. They have educated us to use faulty economics and to become fanatics of immediate gratification.

Practices like “The more you charge, the more you save in your credit card”, Get a home equity line and pay for your vacation, boat, “You deserve it”. Buy this stock and mutual fund that in the past 5 years have gone up so much…

We all know the economic shape the country is in (unless you have been the past 15 years living under a rock), and there are too many advisers in different fields of financing, accounting and planning recommending to defer your taxes to be paid when you withdraw your money at retirement age. (Who came out with the retirement concept?)

If we all agree that debt has to be paid, and that the more you owe, the more you are going to have to pay on principal and interest, then, how is this debt going to be paid with?

If some of you do not know, the government does not produce, it only controls, collects, and enforces; so the way the government is going to pay the massive debt it has created is with massive taxes. Now, let me ask you a question, are taxes in the future going to be higher or lower? How are we going to pay all those TRILLIONS of dollars?

Let me throw a couple more questions before we get back to borrowing from our life insurance. Who qualifies retirement methods like 401k, IRA, SEP, etc? Who is your partner on those retirement vehicles? Doesn’t it seem natural that the qualifier and partner in your retirement vehicle have a lot control on it?

When you get in a contract with a life insurance company, it is a contract between two private entities, so the government has way less influence in this contract than on the previous retirement vehicles. Plus life insurance contracts existed previous to the creation of the Federal Reserve and IRS, (Life changing events for this country and the world.) And for that reason there are grandfathered advantages for life insurance contracts.

Advantages to saving or investing in your life insurance:

1- You have control over your cash value, you are the sole owner of the contract and you have first priority over access to your money at any time. 2- Up to the present time, your money grows tax free in it. 3- Your money is protected from creditors and legal issues. 4- Depending on the type of company, you get guaranteed interest and dividends.

Note: Dividends are not guaranteed but have always been paid for more than 100 years.

5- At the time of your demise, the death benefit is transferred to your beneficiaries on a tax free basis.

These benefits just presented, apply for many life insurance contracts, but, since it has been established that the need for financing is higher than the need for insurance on the average individual, family or business, let me tell you about the Infinite Banking Concept.

Nelson Nash of Birmingham, AL. created the IBC by great urgency to get out of a financial mess where he was being strangled by the high interests he ended up paying on adjustable mortgages.

He borrowed the cash value in his policies at lower interest to pay back the mortgages and paid the interest that he was paying the banks back to himself, to his life insurance policies. You can learn of the process by reading “Becoming Your Own Banker”

Since then He started teaching the process in the 1970’s and 1980’s and about 12 years ago he wrote the book pressured by his ever growing students.

By reading this book, you can learn about the many benefits and strategies the Infinite Banking Concept can be used for, like: recapturing the interest we now pay to financial institutions when we purchase our cars, vacations, equipment, medical help, education, and home improvements. You can also learn how to implement a trans-generational method to help your loved ones and you end up focused on growing your future financial security in a very structured, safe, predictable, efficient and very easy way.

I learned of the process myself about four years ago, and it works! There are thousands of individuals, families and even businesses taking advantage of this process. You only need and open mind, discipline, and the willingness to help yourself and your loved ones. Also, make sure you discuss this subject with an insurance agent knowledgeable and specialized in this matter.