Is Cash value Life Insurance Good

I have read very interesting elaborations about term life and permanent life insurance and I have to tell you I do not have 20 years in the industry and I fell in love with the permanent life insurance.

I understand term life and leasing and renting have their place in certain circumstances but I want to get a better value from my money when I spend it, that is why I rather spend on something that I can show when I finish making my payments. Another thing is, there are many different variations of term and permanent life insurance and because of that we should not generalize and chastise the whole category based on some of the products.

Did you know that in 95 to 98% of the term policies the Insurance company keeps the money without having to pay a claim? what does that tell you…

Buy term and invest the rest! Put the money you saved in buying term life to earn taxable interest where? In mutual funds? where the manager gets paid billions when everybody else gets the shaft in a fund that lost money?

What about stocks; Did you know that the stock market crashes deep every 1,5,6,13 years? and the percentage of loss has been between 22.6% in 1987 to 98.2% in 1929; an interesting fact is that the percentage of recovery needs to be almost exponentially, if the market goes down 50% you need 100% recovery; if the market falls 90% you need 900% to get back to pre-crash level. There has been only one steady period since 1929 when the stock market did very good (1943 to1972).

Enough of that maybe not too relevant information; I am going to tell you about a completely different animal that perhaps very few of you have even heard of; I am talking about a Dividend Paying Whole Life Insurance contract with a mutual company engineered to perform according to the Infinite Banking Concept .

Features (benefits): You will see cash value from your first year; It is engineered to grow money efficiently, not to get you the most death benefit for the least premium; this means the cost of the insurance is less than in conventional policies since there is less death benefit at contract signing but surprisingly enough, the death benefit ends up huge with time. The use of several riders gives this policy accelerated growth and flexible and multi-purpose use.

If you want to learn more about this unique process you can read “Becoming Your Own Banker” by Nelson Nash ; The Pirates of Manhattan by Barry J Dyke ; by the way, Pamela Yellen is about to launch her book “Bank on Yourself” circa April 2009 ; also you can visit