Ice Age

Because of all the environmental problems caused by the use of oil in both gasoline and heating macinery it looks like Earth is going to hit another Ice Age. With all the historical documentation about how people lived during that last Ice Age my guess is that people shouldn’t purchase land in any low altitude area and have an ocean flood their home.

At least I know the Rio Grande Valley was once covered by the ocean. I sure wouldn’t purchase any land there. I would try to buy land tht is up in the Rocky Mountains.

I know that is just a bit of advice on a local level. I hope the rest of the world can see how the warmer temperatures caused by all the polution is making the Nort and South Powl melt off and is having the sea level rise world wide.

Even though I can understand polution there is no way I can give some land owning advice. There are just a few places that I have visited that have given me reasons in my warnings.

While in Hawaii, I’ll never forget how it was to party in someones back yard that was right on the coast line. We could carry our beers outside and drink them on the land owner’s dock. I just got to wonder how that’s going to hold up when the sea level rises.

At least in this desert state of New Mexico it has allways impressed me that most of the state was covered with water. It must have been a sick sence of humor developed in my younger years that couldn’t understand how keeping ones land mostly dry made it more habitable.

In the next Ice Age, what is someone in New York City suposed to do, build themselves a thirteen story building and live on the thirteenth floor with the lower twelve under water?

That kind of thinking tells me to never buy land in some big city that is on either the east or west coast. The people living up in Denver Colorado are up in a high altitude, and twelve years ago when I had to haul a truck load just east of town I saw that the area surrounding it was still open like wild west country.

This is just to show the benafits of buying land that will not be covered with water as the atmospere warms up and melts all the snow it can. The higher the altitude the less likely the land will be flooded and living there will be more beneficial.

Wait a minute, I just had another thought in the altitude issue. It was to my advantage having been raised in Bosque Farms when I got stationed in Hawaii. My lungs were allready in good shape from jogging at that higher altitude. It made jogging on sea level such an easy thing I could score high in any physical fitness test.

This just brings up the point that there are going to be a lot of people that have been living at low altidudes for generations which can not live up in the mountains above the sea level. It might also ake smoking a deeper life threatening adiction when smokers are going to need to have their lungs in good enough shape to lie in bed and snore in houses up in the mountains.

I have been ucky in my movement to a hgher altitude because I have never smoked any thing. Just living up here full time has made my lungs healthy enough to swim out to the boat needed to get to work at the new high altitude dock after the oil polution rises the sea level up so high that the only dry spots are mountain tops.

With our situation here on Earth drowning as it is I think the best new house is what’s called a submarine.