Hyip Forum

Some tips of “Surfing the HYIP forums”.

As for me, the most informational source while choosing the HYIP to invest are different forums (some you will find on my “links” page). There you’ll find all the necessary information about newly opened programs, their deposit plans and general information mainly pasted from the original site. But the main thing is that you’ll be able to track the info and how it pays.

Here some tips:

1. Look for negative feedbacks.
One negative post is the sign of caution, no matter how many positive feedbacks has the thread. Of course, there is possible that negative posts were left by competing HYIPS or paid posters, but this always means “caution”. Watch other forums and monitoring sites to look for more similar posts. Look who places them and how others react. It’s a good sign when HYIP’s admin replies these posts personally.

Try to remember these posts and watch if they are modified or deleted later. Often HYIP’s admins pay forums admins to keep their threads clean of bad feedbacks. And the main thing, always watch the last thread pages before making a deposit, there you can find first sings that program will close soon or possible payments problems. This will prevent you from placing your money in the program which is proven to be scam.

2. Lots of payment reports don’t mean that YOU will receive payments also.
This lesson took not much money. I’ve lost approximately 100 bucks while investing in the programs with lots of payment reports on forums. The first thing you must know, that HYIP’s admins often leave such reports by using multiple accounts.

Another source is posts left by promoters (those who are paid for placing such reports). And the least thing is selective payments. It means that admin pays only to certain investors. All written above doesn’t mean that all such reports are fakes. And people who place them are scammers. But you must learn how to define fakes or selective payments policy. It’s impossible to make the 100% right definitions, but some things are to be suspicious signs. As for me, these signs are:

Reports without transaction details (Batch, certain time, etc.). The best is when the report is made by copy/paste from e-gold or LR account history. Of course, one could easily fake it, but it’s better then posts like “payment received. Thank admin.

Over exalted reports, often like some kind of wild enthusiasm look suspicious to me. Posts like “I’ve received 0,25 bucks instantly. Thanks admin. You’re the honest person who runs the great program!”. Looks strange, dosn’t it? Try to remember forum nicks of such members and watch their behaviors in different threads. It’s strange, when in other HYIP threads their posts are less ecstatic. Sometimes you’ll see exactly the same posts including sums of payments or even batch numbers in different threads. They may even make mistakes in a program name or it’s url.

You can manage your own excel database of such posters to track them and don’t accept their posts to be completely truthful. Look for large payments. There is often the situation when a HYIP pays only sums which are less then 1 usd. I’ll find a lot of reports from monitors with small payments. These reports are often to be truth, but it often means that you’ll receive nothing if your withdrawal will exceed 1 usd. Understand one thing, if the HYIP is “ponzi” scheme, they will collapse in two days if they’ll pay all the payments instantly. Sometimes they will delay withdrawals for days or weeks, but often they don’t pay anything.

3. Chat or off top discussion in the certain HYIP thread.
It looks suspicious to me if I see the off top discussion or a chat in the thread. A lot of positive “expert” opinions and following “agrees” from other posters. These posts make the thread seem to be alive artificially. Of course, I admit it to happen naturally or casually but you should consider such situations when making the decision to enter a program.