How to Simplify your Life as a Retiree

Life can be complicated when you are balancing a career with all the other demands of living. Now people are retiring with the prospect of perhaps a third of their life yet to live. It becomes clear that life as a retiree can be every bit as complicated as it was while working. So it is up to you to simplify your life. Here are a few tips.

Look around you at retirees, both those who have been retired for years and those who are new to the lifestyle. What seems to make them tick? Which ones seem happy and fulfilled, and which ones seem stressed? There may be ways to emulate those retirees who lead productive and satisfied lives. Not sure how?  Talk to these people. Retirees are often more than willing to share the things that help them lead rewarding lives.

Stay healthy. It is your responsibility to take care of your health, and this becomes even more important as you age. The old rules still apply. Have a relationship with your doctor and make sure you have regular checkups. Do some exercise on a regular basis; this works even better if you can incorporate it in your life activities that you really enjoy. Many retirees use exercise as a social part of their lives- walking groups are flourishing, aquacizes and aerobics fill the bill for many. Get enough sleep. Monitor the medication you are taking and be sure you understand the effects it has on your daily life. It’s fine to eat and drink what you enjoy, but use moderation. So many people of all ages do not.

Live within your means. There is nothing pleasant to find that in retirement you are short of money and have little means of improving the situation. Of course, the planning for this should take place well before your working life comes to an end. A basic budget really helps. Many retirees downsize and move to different accommodations. Would this work for you? If you can cover the basics from your retirement income, you are already doing better than some. If you find you are somewhat short, it’s time to look at how you can manage better and it is a good idea to seek financial help. Everyone needs recreation and you need the funds to cover this.  

Many retirees respond to all requests for involvement in a wide variety of activities- volunteering, mentoring, working part time, freelancing. If this fits your plan, that’s fine. If it doesn’t, learn to say no. It can be said often and it can be said with increasing emphasis. Some people thrive on busy retirement schedules. Others find it one more complication to their day. No matter what routine you develop, there will still be opportunities to do kind deeds, keep in touch, and reach out to those in difficulty. You will determine how much of this you want to be part of your life.

Decide what is important to you. For some, taking a more active role in your family, both immediate and extended, is a bonus denied while following busy careers. Socializing can be relaxing and stimulating. Learning a new skill can jump start a life which needs focus.

There is a distinct plus to being retired. Each day you get up with a clean slate and you have control of your options. Many retirees find this the greatest reward and the greatest challenge. Consider this chapter of your life the very best chapter. You will do the writing.