How to Save on Lighting

Most of us are Hyper Aware in this age of the impact our energy needs are having on a fragile environment, the real big Question is is there any thing significant we can do about it?

In a world were the Chinese and Indian nations are industrially expanding at truly phenomenal rates, the Question of How to save on Lighting is a bit part on a Global scale. Having said that, it is only by coping effectively with the bit parts that we stand any chance of correcting the Big Problems.

Lighting can account for over 25% of the energy used in an average home, the familiar CFL lighting alternatives can make a big difference to your utility bill and also the environment.

There are those among us who advocate extensive use of candles in households .. thats fine if you don’t mind the hugely increased danger of house fire or squinting away at your PC monitor in the wee small hours , destroying your eyesight and leaving home smelling like a witches cave. How about 21st Century solutions for a 21st Century people?

Building designs of the future will ultimately decide if we are upfront about saving energy or just talking the talk. We need national legislation to incorporate energy efficient designs , including all modern lighting energy saving technology to be ensure it is a legal requirement.Lets not leave the fate of future generations to us remembering every now and then to turn the hall light off! The only way we will make the breakthrough impact that we all need and want is legislation and imagination from our legislators, without it we are all playing Global Russian Roulette.