How to Save Money on Groceries with Coupons

It is easy to save money on groceries by using coupons, but most shoppers do not take advantage of this free money. There are many reasons people miss this opportunity to save money at the grocery store. Often shoppers simply do not realize how easy it is to use coupons or just how much money they could save on their groceries.

* How Coupons for Groceries Work *

Coupons for groceries let you save money on the food and products you buy for your family. Coupons specify the quantity and size of the qualifying product(s) and how much you will save.

Coupons are either given through a product’s manufacturer or for a specific grocery store. Manufacturer’s coupons are accepted at most grocery stores. Some grocery stores do accept competitors coupons with some restrictions.

Grocery stores can only accept coupons for groceries if they are used before their expiration dates. Some coupons do not expire. If there is no expiration date, it will say so on the coupon.

* Doubling Coupons *

Many grocery stores will “double coupons”. This means that they will give you twice the savings listed on the coupon. Each grocery store has its own policy, but many only double coupons that offer a savings of $0.99 or less. It’s even easier to save money with double coupons.

Some grocery stores have rules about how many coupons can be doubled in a single order of groceries. For example, a grocery store may only double the first 20 coupons and will accept the rest at their face value. Check with your local grocery store to find out its policy for accepting coupons. You can ask at customer service, or check the grocery store’s website.

* Where to Find Coupons for Groceries *

Before you can use a coupon to save money on your groceries, you have to clip it (or print it). There are several ways to get both manufacturer’s coupons and specific grocery store coupons.

1. Weekly Circular – Manufacturer and store coupons are usually offered in inserts as part of the local Sunday newspaper.

2. Store Mailings – Grocery stores sometimes send out coupons for groceries to local residents or to shoppers who belong to their preferred customer clubs.

3. On the Internet – Coupons for groceries can be printed at many online sites, such as Coupon clipping services, such as, are also available for a fee.

4. At the Grocery Store – Manufacturer’s coupons are sometimes available in grocery store aisles, given out by product demonstrators, or stuck to the front of the package itself. Grocery store coupons are sometimes printed out with your receipt as well.

5. Inside Product Packaging – Check packaging of your groceries for manufacturer coupons. Sometimes coupons will be included as a separate insert. They may also be printed on the back of a label or inside a box.

Once you begin looking, you will find coupons for groceries in many places. With just a little planning, you can begin using coupons to save money on your groceries every time you visit the grocery store.