How to Save Money in the Summer

In the current economic climate people are always trying to make savings and in the summer months it may be even more vital that these savings occur so as to help fund the Christmas season. During the summer there are various ways in which you can cut back on what you spend without having to notice too much. 

1. Dump the car

Whilst the weather is fine take advantage of it by not using your car as much. If possible walk to work or the shops instead, this will help cut down your fuel bill but will also have the added benefit of making you feel more healthy too.

2. Picnic

We all love to eat out and treat ourselves but this can get expensive when you have to pay a big bill at the end. Even if you do not think that eating out a few times a month costs that much money it soon adds up. During the summer months instead of dining in restaurants why not create picnics and eat in the garden or at the beach or somewhere else instead? This way you are still eating out but because you are preparing the food yourselves it is cheaper so you are cutting back on restaurant bills.

3. Save on gas

The summer months mean that your heating bill will be less as you will not need to use your heating as much. Instead of just spending it put it aside into a savings account so that you will be able to take advantage of these savings during the winter when your bill may be more expensive.

4. Cheap days out

When children are out of school it can be an expensive time as you try to find ways to entertain them and generally they involve having to spend money but there are ways in which you can entertain your children and not spend a fortune. You can have play dates at home where children’s friends come round to play, you can go on picnics, walks, set up treasure hunts and quizzes around the local area so that children are engaged and entertained but not having to pay a lot of money for something more official.

5. Check your air conditioning

When it’s hot it can be tempting to put your air conditioner on and cool your house down, but before doing so consider other options: Open your windows and close the curtains to help cut out the glare of the sun, and create a breeze, or have an electric fan on for a few minutes to help cool down the atmosphere. Only use your air conditioning if you feel as though it is essential, and this will help you to save money.

Summer months do not need to be expensive, it is possible to make savings at this time in ways that are not difficult.