How to Save Money at the Cinema in the UK

In the UK, the cinema is one of the most prominently enjoyed hobbies and pastimes. So many people enjoy going to the cinema whether with their friends, family or even their young children. The fact of the matter is, the cinema is for everyone, and everyone loves it. This is where the cinemas themselves make their profit. No matter how much it costs, people will continue to go. The cinema isn’t exactly the cheapest hobby, pastime or date location out there, but there are a number of tips that can be offered to help you save money at the cinema in the UK.

Sneak in your own popcorn and drinks

One of the main ways that the cinema makes their money is by the grossly overpriced popcorn and drinks. “Going large” and buying the largest popcorn and largest drink will set you back an extra ten pounds, which is a lot of money. However, most cinemas, which is the case for many “Showcase” and “Cineworld” locations in the UK, are situated in shopping areas. This means, if you are lucky, there will likely be a discount supermarket such as “Home Bargains” or “Cool Trader” in the vicinity. These places always sell brand names at cheap prices, meaning you can enjoy a massive bag of “Butterkist” popcorn and a huge bottle of “Coca Cola” for incredibly cheap prices. This is one of the best ways to save money at the cinema in the UK.

Avoid “peak times”

Cinemas also profit from time. They know that most people who go to the cinema will do so after school or after work. It is at these times, usually 3PM onwards, when ticket prices skyrocket to around 7 pounds per ticket. It will cost you even more for midnight viewings, advance bookings and 3D movies. A flawless way to save money at the cinema is to simply avoid peak times. Head to the cinema before 3PM and before the ticket price rises. Most cinema sin the UK give discounts if you purchase your ticket for a viewing before a specific peak time. Research the cinema in your area, and you may subsequently save a fortune just by going to watch the latest and greatest movies a couple hours earlier.

Join the monthly membership clubs

In the Untied Kingdom, several cinemas offer monthly or yearly memberships. “Cineworld” is one of these cinemas. They offer you unlimited movie viewing at any time as long as you purchase a monthly membership. This is a flawless way to save money, especially if you go to the cinema regularly and are an avid movie fan. This essentially can save you a small fortune because you are not limited by how many times you can use it or when you can use it. You can spend 24 hours in the cinema if you want and they can’t do anything about it because you have an unlimited viewing membership card. If you love the cinema and want to go more often, look into a monthly or annual membership for the gift of unlimited viewing.

While the cinema really isn’t cheap these days, it is still an amazing hobby and pastime and one of the greatest family friendly experiences of all. The atmosphere of watching a movie in the cinema is phenomenal. The prices however are not so phenomenal and you could technically lose a small fortune each and every time you go to watch a movie. Use the tips in the aforementioned guide to help you save money at the cinema in the UK; sneak in your own food and drinks, avoid going to the cinema at peak times and instead go to see the latest and greatest movies at times when ticket prices are cheaper and arguably one of the best ways to save a small fortune for any avid and regular cinema fan is to invest in a monthly or annual membership card for unlimited viewing.