How to Obtain Affordable Prescriptions without Health Insurance

You have many fine options for obtaining affordable prescriptions without health insurance. You can save money and afford your prescriptions because they will be available at a very reasonable price with prescription savings card. People who have no health insurance are eliginle for this program. With the program, prescriptions are discounted from 25%-40%. This is on brand name medications. With generic medications, you will save even more. Complete drug lists are available to assist you in knowing if your medication is one of those listed as the discounted product. These programs are accepted at pharmacies all over the United States and a few other countries. It is good chance that your pharmacy accepts a program too.

You can sign up for the program online. You will recieve a card in the mail with your personal id number. When you are checking out your prescriptions at the pharmacy, you give the card to the pharmacy and they give the discount on the spot. It is really that easy. There are quite a few different programs, but one that is widely used is called Together RX. With this program, people have been known to get a prescription filled for as little as $4.

Another way that you can afford prescriptions without health insurance is by clipping coupons. Companies have coupons available for up to 75% off of a prescription. Most all pharmacies will accept these coupons because most of the time they are offered through a pharmaceutical company. Many of these coupons can be found online under prescription discount coupons. You can print your coupon anytime and most expire in a year.

Online pharmacies also give great sales, discounts, and special promotions with their prescriptions. You can save time and money by shopping at an online pharmacy. Your medication can be delivered right to your door. Some orders will even qualify for free shipping. Online pharmacies give great service to their customers. Toll free numbers are available to call with any questions you may have about their medications and services. You can get brand name medicine at online pharmacies at great low prices. If you are without health insurance and you are worried about paying a lot for your medicine, you do not have to worry if you try a prescription program, clip coupons, or shop at an online pharmacy. These are three very useful ways to indeed save money on prescription medications.