How to Make the most of your Spare Time and Boost your Savings

Spare time is just that…it’s spare. It’s left over. There usually isn’t a lot of it, so you only have limited time to spend boosting your savings when you do actually have that spare time. I’ve found that working online for even just 30 seconds at a time can pay off pretty well for you in the long run. Here are a few ideas:

1. In order to make a lot of money on the internet, you’ll have to operate your own website. Find something that you like to do and try to make a business with it. Perhaps you like to read books. You could start a website called “Al’s book review.” Or maybe you like cooking, so you decide to start up “Best Recipes Ever.” You don’t need to find a business where you make sales. Instead, you could just focus on selling advertising space on your website. That will end up gaining a nice chunk of change for you.

2. Online surveys. Surveys continue to be one of my favorite sources of revenue. Between three websites, I’ve cashed in about $600 just by taking surveys over the last 10 months or so. Sure, it’s nothing that will break the bank, but it’s nice to have the extra spending money. My favorite websites are and These websites have continually paid the most for me.

3. Blog/article writing. If you plan on making money over the internet long-term, as I am, this is a pretty good source of income. However, if you want a quick $10, it’s very difficult to do so through this avenue only. The reason behind this is that each payment you get is fairly small, but you repeatedly get paid for each article. So the more articles you write, the more money you’ll make (duh!). But it takes a while before you start earning a good chunk of change. Personally, I’ve written over 100 articles and I’m still not making a lot of money. But I’m committed to writing a couple of articles each day, and eventually, when I’ve written a few hundred articles, maybe I’ll start getting a good cash flow. If not, oh well! I’ve just been doing this in my spare time when I’m bored.

4. Sell items on ebay. My wife and I spent an entire weekend having a garage sale where we only made $100. I took a lot of my stuff to Goodwill, but kept a few items to try to sell on ebay. I ended up making more money with those few items on ebay than I did the whole weekend with all the stuff I sold. By selling on ebay, you’re reaching a much bigger marketplace where people can search for very specific items. Give it a try!

These have been my biggest forms of revenue. Of course, they are the most common ways to earn money on the internet, but they really do work if you find the right sites! For more ideas, you can refer to, where I got started with all of my online work. Good luck!