How to Make the most of Coupons

Using coupons is a great way to save money. They can be used to purchase groceries or other items. Coupons help to cut down the cost of a product. If used correctly, coupons can lead to huge savings.   

*Locating coupons/ product websites

The first thing a person needs to do in order to use coupons is locate the coupons.  The main place to find coupons is in the newspaper.  Coupons can also be found on social networks like Facebook.  Many companies offer coupons on their products.  All one has to do is visit their websites, sign up, and check for promotions.  Joining a coupon club is another great way to get coupons.  In a coupon club, each member brings their unwanted coupons, and they exchanges them for the ones that they do want.  There are also coupon clipping services.  These services will locate and clip coupons according to the consumers needs.  Coupon clipping services offer a wonderful way to get several of the same type of coupons. They can also be found in store aisle right next to the product.  New products often have high value coupons next to them.  This is the company’s way of promoting the product. 


Once the coupons are obtained, they need to be organized.  There are different ways to organize coupons.  Coupons can be placed in binders with baseball card sheets, small photo albums, envelops, or any other container. The coupons need to be labeled so that they are easy to identify.  Tissue coupons need to be kept separate from coupons for canned goods.  It does matter which method of organization or labeling is used as long as the coupons can be reached quickly.

*Monitor store sales

Most stores generally print sale circulars. Always check these circulars. The sales circulars contain the list of items that will be on sale for the following week. Check the circulars for more than one store and compare the prices. The same items may be at a lower price at a different store.

*Stack coupons

Coupons can be stacked.  This is when a manufacture’s coupon is combined with a store coupon to maximize savings. An even sweeter deal is when an item is on sale, has a store coupon, and a manufacture’s coupon.  Items can then be purchased at rock bottom prices or even for free.

*Loyalty cards

Many stores offer store loyalty cards. All it takes is a few minutes to fill out for the card, and start saving. These cards trace the consumers purchases made. Stores then offer the customer discounts according to the shopping history.

*Buy in bulk

Use coupons to purchase staple items in bulk. Purchase enough to last for three to six months.  Store sells generally follow a three to six month cycles. By buying the item in bulk, another purchase need not be made again until the item goes back on sell.

*Plan ahead

Before heading to the store, have a plan.  Have a list made and coupons divided up into separate envelops for each store and/or transaction.  This saves time that would otherwise be lost searching for the coupons, and it will prevent overspending.

*Shop several store

 There are advantages to shopping at more than one store. Different stores can have different items on sale, and sometimes, they have the same item on sale just at different prices. By shopping at more than one store, one can see which store has the best bargain on a product. 

*Double days

Every couponer’s dream is a store that doubles coupons. Some stores double coupons every day while others may have set days in which it doubles.  It is especially great if one can find an item that is on sale and a coupon that will double to the point of making that item free.

*Don’t waste

Don’t just buy items because there is a coupon for it.  Only buy items that are going to be used.  Buying a lot of unnecessary things with coupons is defeating the purpose.  Remember, the purpose is to save money.

Coupons are wonderful tool to use to help save money.  By following the advice listed above, one maximize their savings on groceries and other everyday items.