How to Make Money in the Stock Market

The stock market is having problems now but I invested in four American companies. Why? Because American companies are leaders in new ideas, new technologies and American companies are leaders in finding solutions to problems. When a job has to get done Americans do it. But the term American includes people who came here from other countries to make a better life for themselves and their families. Immigrants who came here legally, like my Great Grandfather did. He built a family business to support his growing family. That’s why I invested in American companies. We have to think about America and it is time to take care of our own. Don’t write us off yet.

The first rule of any investing, including the stock market, is to buy low and sell high.

Also think about when you invest in a company, you are a part owner of that company.

The second rule of any investing that I have learned is: know when you are going to sell the investment and at what price will you sell it for.

All you generation xer’s out there, start an on-line account or find a good stock broker and start investing in America. Start investing in American companies.

Do your research. Go on-line and find some cutting edge companies that are developing new technologies. You might want to also look at some Blue Chip stocks, those tried and true companies who are always making money. Also look for a stock that pays dividends because you want to capture the dividend and reinvest in in more stock.

Also you may want to buy stock each month and build some long term wealth. Also, look at bonds.

Remember, you are taking a risk that some stocks will go up and some will go down, but you are investing in America.

What else can I say, but do it. If you say you will start tomorrow, do it today. Don’t wait until tomorrow, do it today. I did it. The next thing I am going to do it teach my child how to invest. It’s only money and you can’t take it with you but you can leave it for someone else or you can spend it all after you made it. You could also donate your earnings to some charity that really needs it. There are a ton of them who really need a donation of $10 or $20
bucks right now.