How to Live Frugally and Save Money

At times cutting back can be difficult especially if you or your family is used to a particular lifestyle. However, sometimes it is essential to curb spending and eliminate non-essentials in order to survive. This does not have to be an extremely difficult process and with time, cutting expenses will become second nature.

1. Make a list of all your expenses and categorize each expense as a need or want. For example, food and rent are needs that you cannot do without, whereas cable television or going to the movies once a week are luxuries. Once you have honestly assessed what is a need and what it is a luxury then the process of scaling back begins. If paying for cable television and internet service is too expensive, either look for ways to reduce the expense by getting a package that costs less or eliminating the service altogether.

2. If you are spending five dollars each morning for a coffee and a bagel, buy a quality thermos and make your own coffee and bagel to go. The key to not being burdened or limited by cost cutting is to compromise with yourself and your family.

3. Don’t deprive yourself of everything; just try to cut what isn’t necessary. Offer yourself an affordable alternative. This in turn will reduce your expenses without the feeling of total deprivation.

4. Learn to cut coupons and invest in the savings cards that supermarkets offer. Look through the circulars for good deals and create a list before you go shopping to curb the desire to purchase items that you really don’t need.

5. If you can, avoid bringing children to the supermarket if you are a parent that caves in to demands.

6. Try shopping bulk for items that you or your family uses frequently such as paper towels and bathroom tissue.

7. When shopping for items such as books or DVDs consider purchasing previously read or viewed items. If you shop at a quality store, many of the items are checked prior to sale and the quality is usually good.

8. If you need to purchase clothing and shoes for you or your family: shop used. If the idea of used clothing is not appealing to you or your family, many stores have a clearance section. If you are willing to travel clothing discounts can be found at outlet stores.

Shopping frugally takes time but with time and patience doing so will provide more income for more important things. Ultimately, cutting expenses is a process that for some has to be learned. This process, however, does not need to be difficult if you are willing to compromise in return for long-term gain.