How to File Taxes Online

Filing taxes online can be a very handy option for those in a hurry to get their refund checks. Not only that, much of the software available is extremely user-friendly. What is more, much of this software has a support system behind it that can be useful when the home-filer hits a snag.

But if you owe, you end up paying faster… so consider well!

Here are some software programs to keep an eye out for as you seek to file online:

1.) Check out For many Americans, this free tax prep software will get the job done. For those with slightly more complex situations, their other software is remarkably low-priced. As for what users think of this site, it would be useful to see more user reviews of the software in order to build our confidence about this site.

However, with personal experience, this writer is now a devoted fan of Despite a very complicated tax situation which includes a school loan, a mortgage, an investment portfolio and more, was able to get it done with no snags. The feature that guides the user through a final double-checking is extremely valuable.

2.) Obviously, TurboTax is becoming incredibly popular. However, for the package for Americans with complex tax situations (mortgage, investment income, student loans, etc.) the price is high: usually about $75 to 80. On the other hand, Costco sells this deluxe package for about $50, so that can be a good way to go. Yearly downloadable updates will of course be necessary, but TurboTax is quite good with this.

3.) Tax Prep companies like Jackson Hewitt and H&R Block actually put out their own tax-prep software as well. You can find these easily in office supply stores and so on. Their prices are comparable to TurboTax, and you can use them to file online as well. The issue here is that they are certainly no better than TurboTax and, so they seem to be counting on brand recognition in order to get customers.

4.) Do it yourself. Get the state and federal forms and fill them in. But then, you still have to the online stuff, and without a really user-friendly guide, because you are using the state and federal sites, which are not quite as user-friendly as the first two options mentioned

All-in-all, I recommend TurboTax and Both are very user-friendly and once you buy the software, you have it for good, with only the yearly update necessary.