How to Double Investments in a Month

So you want to double your investments in a month? Wouldn’t we all! This can be done, but it is not 100% certain it will be done. This may sound like double talk, but what it means is you have to take a lot of risk to have a chance of doubling your investments in a month. An example will be appropriate. Let’s say your ‘investments’ total $10,000. You can open up a stock brokerage account and buy 1,000 shares of a stock that sells for $10 per share. A month later the stock could be selling for $20 per share, and indeed, you have doubled your investments in one month. There would be broker commissions that would be deducted from your account, maybe $10 for buying and $10 for selling, but you’d still be pretty happy with the result.

As of February 19, 2007, there have been 29 stocks that have at least doubled in price within the last 22 days of trading. (That’s about one month on the calendar.) The best of these stocks are ONYX Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Optionable, Inc., and Overhill Farms, Inc. The symbols for these stocks are ONXX, OPBL.OB, and OFI. You can check the charts of these stocks for free at If you could double your $10,000 every month for a year, do you realized how rich you’d become? You’d have over $20,000,000! Don’t forget to pay your capital gains tax, which could be as much as $8,000,000. Oh, by the way, I’m not recommending these stocks. There’s an excellent chance they’ll collapse in price next month!

Trouble is, nobody knew for certain one month ago what these stocks were going to be. An investor can make an educated guess about what stocks might double, based on technical indicators, news, company developments and financial condition, but it is very easy to be wrong. Not only could you be wrong, you could lose all or nearly all of your $10,000 if the stock declines in price substantially. This is what ‘risk’ means. Don’t let this stop you from investing in stocks, however. By all means, learn about stocks, and just set a more modest goal, say double your investment in 3-5 years.