How to Discover the Millionaire in you

In order to discover the millionaire in you, you need to have the courage to stand by your conviction and take the risk when everybody else disagrees. It is about saving and giving your money away, proper and timely investment, selling visibly and aggressively, and finally but most importantly taking action. Wealth is attracted to those who take action.

Below listed are outlined steps on how you can best discover a millionaire within you.

1. Let courage and not fears rule over you

Wealth rarely rewards wimps. It is courage within you that attracts wealth. You simply have to put yourself out there. It is not about taking unbridled financial risk as much as dealing with your ego, self-esteem, reputation, and relationships even though you might have to put some chips on the table. You have to understand that nothing can happen in the financial realm without action.

Courage will help you defy conventional wisdom and the expert advice you solicit when you believe your ideas are best. You will need courage to start before you are ready, to fumble around in the dark, and to screw up. And you will certainly be tested by wealth before you’ll be able to attract it.

2. Know that saving is as important as giving

In the end it is not only about running your business successfully and earning high income. There are two other things that wealthy people do that you can role model and that will have a surprisingly dramatic, positive, and wealth-attracting effects. The first one is systematic and disciplined saving and the second one may sound completely illogical to saving which is giving. However, it is not illogical as saving and giving work best in combination.

You will notice that all wealthy people are good at saving and giving their money away. Saving and giving is the most often encountered and common trait amongst millionaires. Giving to people in need around us without any expectation of return has an incredible effect on our psyche. It makes us feel good and what we give returns to us multiplied in value. Try it for ninety days as an experiment and see what happens. You’ll be blessed from many directions in life.

3. Know the art of proper investment which is real estate

Don’t believe that dollars always have to be earned the hard way. Do not think that the money you earn the easy way is dirty or tainted in some way. It is all about making your money work for you. You can do this most efficiently through saving and investing your money into the real estate property.

Many people especially entrepreneurs avoid real estate and rather invest in low CDs and money market accounts. Others simply turn their money over to a money manager who often delivers disappointing results. You actually loose a lot by ignoring the investment preferred by most wealthy people which is commercial real estate.

4. Run your business your way

If you would like to become a millionaire, you will have to learn to make demands, to set rules and boundaries. This will also include defining the way you do your business, and imposing your will on the world around you. You will have to end unproductive relationships and fire uncooperative clients or employees. You will have to define your short and long-term financial goals. You will need to improve your marketing skills as you will need to ask, promote, sell aggressively, forcefully, and visibly.

5. Wealth is best attracted to action

Nothing happens in the world of finances without taking action. All of us have may have good ideas but what separates success from a failure is acting upon an idea. Sometimes we will mess up, fail, or go bankrupt, but eventually if we persist we will succeed. Until then wealth is watching at us to see whether we have the guts to dare attract it.