How to Deal with Bill Collectors

Paying off debts is difficult for everyone nowadays, as the economy is worse than ever before, and making ends meet has become a  constant struggle. Unfortunately, this does not concern much  bill collectors who expect you to pay the amount you owe as soon as possible. To avoid losing control and making the situation worse than it already is, it is crucial to follow some basic tips.

How to deal with bill collectors

Keep all your bills and receipts 

More often than not, bill collectors do not have their facts straight. It takes days for them to get the whole picture but that does not stop them from  calling you anyway and demand immediate payment for the amount they think you owe. If you made a payment the previous day, they won’t be able to see it. The only way for you to prove that you are right and they are wrong is to have your bills and receipts safely stored somewhere so that you can provide them with all the necessary information immediately.

Speak up

It is part of a bill collector’s job to pressure you into making payments within a certain period of time. While they do not always  feel comfortable themselves, they are afraid that if they do not comply with the rules they will not get the desired results and they will lose their jobs. That does not mean that you should allow yourself to be influenced. Try to be gentle but do not hesitate to speak up for yourself, if you feel insulted. Explain to bill collectors in no uncertain terms that you are not going to answer personal questions or put up with disrespectful behavior. If in spite of your efforts, bill collectors insist on giving you a hard time, ask to speak with the supervisor. Let him know exactly what happened and ask him to take care of the matter immediately. In all probability, he will do just that.

Try to negotiate

Most bill collectors are willing to accept some kind of negotiation. If you are able to provide them with documents that prove your bad financial situation and explain to them that you have every intention of paying at least a small amount every month, in all probability they will try to help you out. If the amount you can afford to pay is too small for them to accept, they may suggest a bigger repayment period.

If you prove to bill collectors that you have your facts straight, are able to defend yourself and are willing to pay at least a small amount on a regular basis, your communication with them will be much better and the results will be satisfying enough.