How to Cut Back on Spending and still Enjoy Life

Today’s shifting economy has caused many people and families to face the reality that it is going to take more to make the ends meet than it once did. They are forced to look at their expenditures and decide where cuts can be made. The fat has to trimmed off the budget and that fat is usually in form of the fun that they once enjoyed. At least, that is how it appears at first glance.

The real issue that we must face is a change in our thinking. Whatever told us that it cost money to enjoy life? When did we forget all of the simple pleasures that our ancestors thrived on? These hard financial times have given us an opportunity, if for nothing else, to grow as people and together as families. All we need to do is to grab onto it and to each other and find the life that we never knew existed. We will find that there are many areas that we can cut back on and barely even miss, if at all.

Rather than going to the movies, or sending the kids out on their own to see the newest feature, we can now have “family movie night”. Rent a couple of videos, pop some popcorn, grab your drinks, blankets and pillows and snuggle up for a great time together.

Bypass the fast food and full service restaurants and cook at home. You can enlist the help of the whole family and find that cooking together can be wonderful times of laughter and love. When the meal is ready, sit down at the nicely set table together and talk about your days. Studies show this to be one of the healthiest things that a family can do.

Having a family game night can be terrific! The kids can even invite friends over for the event and multiply the fun. Dig out those dusty board games that have been long abandoned for the newest electronics and have some friendly competition.

Explore nature together. Head out for a day of hiking, a weekend of camping, or a trip to the beach. You will make memories that will last all of you a lifetime.

The recession that we are currently facing as a country can bring us closer as families. We have taken too much for granted for far too long and it is time to get back to the basics. The main key is that we do it together!