How to become a Billionaire

Speaking as someone who finally reached the status of billionaire last year I can tell you first hand that it was not as easy as people would imagine. My quest for billionaire status began one day when I was sitting at home and out of work. I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out a one dollar bill. This was all the money I had in the world and I decided there and then that I would use this one dollar bill as the starting point on my road to riches.


I acted on my decision that very day and took my one dollar bill along to a fruit market very close to where I lived. I bought four red apples at twenty-five cents each, I polished them up and managed to resell them at fifty-cents each making a profit of one dollar, thereby doubling my money. This gave me immediate encouragement.


The following day, I took my two dollars to the same fruit market and bought eight red apples at twenty-five cents each and repeated the process from the previous day. Making sure to polish them up, I managed to double my money yet again so that I now had four dollars from my original one. I was feeling mildly proud of myself for having had the initiative to get started in my new business venture.


By day 3 I was feeling reasonably confident about my future prospects and again purchased my red apples at twenty-five cents each. I now had sixteen apples and yet again was able to sell them locally at fifty-cents each giving me now a grand total of eight dollars. By this time I was filled with excitement knowing that my original one dollar had now increased to eight. I could envision this exponential growth continuing and this gave me the impetus and desire to keep going in my new found business venture.


I did not sleep too well the previous night as my mind was racing at the thought of increasing my profits and finally realizing my goal to become rich. I got showered and dressed at a leisurely pace, trying to keep myself calm at the prospect of doubling my money everyday up to this point. I took my eight dollars and tucked it into my back pocket, ready to make my next visit to the local fruit market to buy my next batch of twenty-five cent red apples. As I was about to leave, the telephone rang and it was a call from a lawyer’s office in the city. They told me a rich uncle had just died and left me one billion dollars. And that is how I became a billionaire. Who says hard work doesn’t pay off?