How to be a Smart Housewife and Save Money Buy in Bulk Save Money Store Brands

Many housewives tend to overspend. More often than not , they do not even realise where all that money goes. If they understand and follow some basic tips, overspending will be history and daily costs will be eliminated.

How to be a smart housewife and save money

1. Buy in bulk

When it comes to products she and her family regularly use, a smart housewife prefers buying them in bulk. Toilet paper, paper towels, milk, orange juice, coffee, tea and detergents can all be bought in bulk. That way, you  will pay less for buying more and it will take a long while before you visit the supermarket or the grocery store again.

2. Prefer store brands

Store brands are always cheaper compared to big brand names, and usually they are of the same quality. A smart housewife regularly purchases store brands for most-if not all- the items she  needs. That does not mean that you need to use the same store brands for every product. You may discover that a supermarket has the best store brands when it comes to dairy products, another one has the best store brands when it comes to detergents and shampoos, and another one has the best store brands regarding shampoos and soaps.

3. Use leftovers

Throwing away leftovers is a waste of food and money. Half potatoes, some slices of bread, a few tomatoes and half a pack of rice can be used to make snacks and meals for a whole week. A smart housewife goes shopping only when there is truly nothing she can use at home.

4. Coupons

Coupons is another great way to save money on household expenses. What is important to remember regarding coupons though, is that you should use them only for products that you and your family truly need and intend to use. Getting into the habit of purchasing a bunch of  useless for you items simply because you founds coupons for them is going to literally come with a high cost.

5. Make lists

A smart housewife never goes shopping without a list. Making lists for the items you really need, at the exact quantity you need them is necessary in order to buy only what is necessary and save money at the same time. Without a list, it is for certain that you are going to spend more than you can afford, on items that neither you or your family truly need.

6.  Go shopping alone

A smart housewife prefers going shopping alone. When bringing kids or even friends with you, it is only natural to overspend, as you will get tempted to buy more. Kids can be especially demanding and refuse to give up until they get what they want.  Going shopping alone ensures that you will stick to your plan.

Being a smart housewife and save money requires self discipline and the willingness to follow some simple, practical tips. Hopefully, the above article will help you towards that direction.