How to Achieve Personal Financial Stability

There is a new disease in America that is quickly spreading. This disease resulted in the loss of jobs, divorce, loss of possessions, and even premature death in the lives of it’s victims. The disease is known as “What was I thinking” syndrome. The way the disease works is very simple: Innocent individuals who make a habit of frequenting shopping centers, car dealerships, and exotic vacation websites, are seduced into purchasing clothing, vehicles, and trips that they simply cannot afford, and it is only after these dreaded purchases have been finalized that these individuals are made aware of their having fallen victim to this widespread disease. Once the new item has been received, and the invoice is shipped, the victims have been known to scream, “What was I thinking?”

Financial advisers warn that this disease can be avoided by the simple application of common sense. If an individual is struggling to maintain insurance coverage on a 1984 escort, chances are very slim of his/her being able to afford the new note and insurance requirements for the two-door sports sedan that has quickly become an object of affection. By the same token, if an individual is forced to run up credit card bills in order to travel across town to visit parents, it would probably not be very wise to use said credit cards for the purchase of exotic trips for summer vacations.

Worst of all is the fact that advisers are now realizing that this disease serves as a gateway to other sicknesses such as depression, obesity, anorexia, and there have even been a few reported cases of suicide. The disease is extremely contagious, and can usually be found in groups of friends who ignorantly strive to impress one another. Lastly, a wise man once said, ” The definition of status is spending money that you do not have; to buy things that you do not need; to impress people that you do not like.”

In conclusion, please allow me to list the three simple steps that must be followed in order to avoid falling victim to this disease. Step One- Do not spend money before you earn it. Step Two- Never make impulse purchases. Step Three- Never allow the idea of impressing people to be the driving force behind your decision to make a purchase. Good luck, and if you happen to be a friend or relative of some poor individual who is already suffering from this syndrome…FLEE FROM THE WRATH TO COME!