How teens can earn cash in school

With the advent of the internet, making money is not as difficult as it was for a typical young teen. There are just as many opportunities on the internet as there are in daily life for a teen to earn cash, permitting that they display hard work, a good attitude and creativity.

Traditional way

The traditional method of making money in one’s teen years is through hard selling. This involves finding out what teenagers are currently interested in and stocking up on the same. Kids can sometimes purchase stuff from school and so making a side income over sales is not such a bad thing. Common items could include backpacks, pencil cases, t-shirts or hats. These are among the most simplistic methods for teens to earn cash in school.

Online methods

Going the way of the internet will introduce a teen to freelancing and fivers. Freelancing is all about selling your services to the highest bidder. If you believe to be a know-it-all with regards to Facebook, Twitter and Myspace then try searching for internet marketing gigs on freelancing websites.

There are plenty of start-up companies willing to dole out a few bucks to interested folks who can advise them on how to increase their popularity as well as improve their page hits on these social websites. If you have a lot of friends or connections on various social networks, it is much easier to get hired to become a promoter, promoting parties and various events around high school campuses and online.


Freelance writing may be just the thing for you if you can be creative and mind your language a bit. Grammar, punctuation and other factors of English seldom count for online writing as it is more about being original and creative while being in context.

Fiver is another innovative way of providing your services. If you can sing, dance or maybe even engage in creative scriptwriting then Fiver is the place for you. Not only are people looking for five dollar gigs on internet marketing, SEO and other Internet-related activities, but also for folks who can make videos, compose tiny songs and write entire comic strips or scripts.


A less enjoyable method of earning while in school is through surveys. Many websites pay users to fill up survey forms with their honest opinion. If you can manage to get accepted into some of these websites, then your income will be steady through high school, albeit a little lower than the average.

Other options

One other method to earn huge money in school is by selling some of your parents’ old antiques or trinkets on eBay. You would be surprised by some of the valuable stuff that may be stored in your very own attic. Blogging and tutoring are two other things that you can look into if you have a lot of free time on your hands after school.

It is clear that if one is creative and industrious, there are many money making opportunities, even for teens in high school. Although today’s economy has it’s challenges, by trying one’s hardest, it is possible to earn income at a young age.