How Selling on Ebay can help your Debt Crisis

Governments worry about debt crises in these uncertain times. Ordinary people worry about personal debt too. Debt can overtake you and give you sleepless nights. The more slowly that you pay debts, the more interest you often pay. Incomes for most folk are falling or frozen, and money is tight. How can you possibly pay those debts quickly? Many households have items lying around that no one is using, or things that they no longer need or could do without. eBay and other reputable auction web sites provide the opportunity for people to sell their unwanted items to raise money.

Everything has a value, and it could be that a despised ornament that Aunt Dot left you in her will, or the funny box that you inherited from your grandparents are valuable. However, do not only consider ornaments and vases, people look to buy many things, especially in difficult times, and everyone loves a bargain. Your unwanted articles could be just what someone else needs.

Babies and children’s equipment is extremely expensive in the shops. Perhaps your children no longer need buggies, toys, baby gyms, bottle warmers and the like. Make sure they are clean and look nice and take some photographs and advertise them on eBay, someone will gladly pay something for them.

Babies grow so fast, and many a mother sighs, sadly, as she puts away brand new baby clothes that baby grew out of before ever wearing them. Many people are looking for such items. Gently used children’s clothes also sell well on eBay. Other people are looking to save money too.

Do you have clothes that you do not wear? That purple sweater that great aunt May bought you as a Christmas gift, which you never wore, for example. The blouse you bought, in affluent times, which did not match your other clothes, and is still in the wardrobe with the labels still attached. You can sell those on eBay.

Jewellery, whether made from precious metals and stones or even costume jewellery, goes well on e bay. Vintage clothing and records may also bump up your debt repayment fund.

You can sell anything on eBay, from a pair of earrings to an aeroplane. However, in practice, large or bulky items bring logistical problems in that you have to get them to the buyer. It might be better to sell such items by posting an advertisement in your local free newspaper; many do not charge private householders selling their own items. If the local supermarket has a notice board, where shoppers can advertise their items for sale, this might be another way to sell large bulky items. Selling locally means that the buyer lives locally and makes the seller’s life easier.

Antiques experts advise that eBay is not the right place to sell very valuable or antique items, since they may not sell at their true market value. If you have such items, it might be prudent to ask advice at your local auction house, before attempting to sell them on eBay.

You will need to set up a seller’s account with eBay, to sell your items, but the process is simple. eBay has systematic guides on their national sites.

Putting your items in an e Bay auction is simple. eBay charges a fee, when you sell an item just as an auction house does. Fees depend on the item’s sale value plus the postage and packing. Those selling more than 50 items in a month also pay a listing and insertion fee. eBay may charge further fees for particular items. You will have to go to the post office and post your items to the sellers. However, the eBay process is relatively painless, as many people are discovering 

There is no need to worry about your debt. Look around your home, what you see as clutter could bring in enough money to make a substantial difference. You get money to pay your debts and a tidy home, and someone else buys things they need, everyone wins.