How Freelancers can Save Money

Money can be tough to find for the freelancer because it is not necessarily a stable income and the economy can be tough on these industries. The income levels often change from week to week and from month to month. It is very important for individuals who are in the freelancing industry to save money wherever possible no matter what their trade is.

Even for the person who isn’t a spendthrift, there are still ways to save money in a variety of areas. Here are some tips on how to do just that.


There are certain pieces of equipment that are needed for different industries. There might be computers, printers, scanners, desks, chairs and so on, that are used. There are also various types of tools that are required as well. These can be found at second hand stores, websites such as Craigslist and EBay, equipment recycling websites such as, and various other places where anyone can find cheap or free equipment for a variety of trades.

In terms of equipment and their functions, it generally saves money and effort to invest in the multi-function equipment. Such things as 4-1 copier printers are very practical and are available for discounted prices at various websites and office supply stores. It is recommended that the individual check out the prices for the ink before buying any particular printing device.

Cell Phones

Having the wrong plan for the cell phone potentially costs a lot of extra money to the user. The freelancer who uses a cell phone should take a look at their usage and find an appropriate plan. Hundreds of dollars are saved simply by switching to a more appropriate plan.

Internet Connections

There is a vast similarity between the problem with the internet package and the cell phone package. There are many packages available from different companies but there needs to be some time taken to research these packages and to choose the one that is the most appropriate.

To save even more money, instead of having an internet connection at home, there are cafes and other public places that have wireless internet. Individuals that don’t need constant access to internet can use the services at these public places.


Depending on the industry, for someone who is working from home, electricity is something that may constantly be in use. The best way to reduce this expenditure is to keep the lights off and the heat turned down in the rooms that aren’t being used and to put the computer in sleep mode when that isn’t used.

In the case that the lights aren’t already converted to LED lights, this is recommended as they save on up to 90% of their part of the electric bill.


It is very tempting for freelancers to eat on the run or to eat already prepared meals to prevent from having a longer lunch or dinner break. Aside from the fact that this is not too healthy, it also costs a lot. Eating at home and cooking the meal saves a lot of money in the long run and if time is a factor, making more of the recipe and freezing the food or eating it as leftovers is always an option.

In the case that it is necessary to eat out, don’t be sold on the offer to upsize, and compare the size and price of the food as well as the quality. If a person buys cheap food but is not substantial, then there will be a snack required soon after the meal. It is much better to buy something that is filling and that will last longer even if it costs a bit more at the time.


Not everyone is interested in insurance but it is an important part of life. Regarding vehicle insurance, the insurance company may reduce the payments if the driver doesn’t have the as much mileage as in previous years. For health insurance, the policy holder is encouraged not to purchase anything in the policy that they don’t need, especially if they are healthy.


Keeping the books without having professional help is a big money saver. It can cost over $100 to have someone file the taxes and even more for bookkeeping services. This can be done at home by keeping track of invoices, bills and other financial documents relating to the business. There are also billing applications available for cell phone and computer use to help with this.

Filing taxes can be done with TurboTax which is available online. This software is available from various banking websites for free or it can be purchased for $75. It is a simple step by step program that files taxes electronically and even assists in locating various deductibles for the user.

Keeping track of expenses for the business is extremely important because it can put the freelancer into a lower tax bracket which in itself saves the individual hundreds of dollars. The receipts are necessary in case of an audit.

Watching the Savings Add Up

With these tips, it is possible for the freelancer in any industry to save money in a variety of aspects. After some time, these savings become very noticeable and can make life a little easier in the financial department.


10 Tips for Saving Money as a Freelancer