Hang Em all Hang Em High

Hang ‘Em All, Hang ‘Em High

There are very few creatures in this world lower than a pedophile: a grown adult who takes an innocent child, and rapes them.

Yes, I support the death penalty for child rapists; for that matter, I support the death penalty for rapists of all stripes. Rape is one of most heinous crimes there is. A rapist literally destroys people’s lives, leaving them with a load of misery to carry for the rest of their lives. So I say, ‘string ’em up, leave them to dance the Hangman’s Jig, then leave their bodies to rot as a warning to others.’

Can you imagine what it means when a child is raped? It means a person has descended from the heights of human reasoning to the level of a beast; from conceiving of a child as a treasure, a creature to be loved and protected, to seeing an innocent child as nothing but fresh meat to be used.

The rule of law is supposed to protect honest folk from criminals, how much more so is that true of our children and pedophiles?

Short answer: a lot.

Pedophiles must be stopped from doing what they do. As quickly as possible, and as finally as possible; death is both quick and final.

Prisons, it has been found, are not effective in stopping pedophiles. They go to prison, then they come out, and almost all of them return to their old ways. Nor is prison an effective deterrent. Few pedophiles are caught, of whom few are brought to trial, of whom few are convicted. If their punishment is to be an effective deterrent, those who are caught must be dealt with so harshly the others will hear, and fear.

There is also, I must mention, an element of disease control to be considered. The vast majority of pedophiles were themselves raped as children. So when a pedophile rapes a child, they are in a sense, passing on a disease, infecting an innocent child, reproducing themselves; creating a new pedophile where before there was none.

When a dog goes rabid, we shoot it. Same concept; a pedophile is a sick and dangerous creature. It is not about punishment, it is about protecting our children from a dangerous animal.

One more matter I feel I must mention, and I thank you for reading thus far. To a child who has been raped, there must be offered a closure, a proper end to the affair. A pedophile sent to prison is no end; they are still out there, alive, and they will come back out into the world. A dead pedophile is about as ‘closured’ as you can get.