Guide to the Hyip

What is HYIP?
HYIP simply stands for High Yield Investment Program. It is exactly what it’s name says. It is an online investment program with high potential returns. But the name omits another important aspect of HYIP that everyone should know…. It comes with high risks! That’s right! But then again, which investment program with high potential returns (online or offline) does not come with risks?

How does HYIP work?
Basically, you invest a specific amount of money for a specific time period in a program. At the end of the period, the program will pay you your principal (initial investment amount) plus a percentage of that amount as profits.

Why invest in HYIP?
For one simple reason – it is one of the few ways to get high returns within a short period of time.(Note that it is also one of the quickest ways to lose money).

How much to invest?
You can invest as little as $1 and as much as you can afford to in some programs.

How long to invest?
Similarly, the tenure (or invesment period) can vary from as short as 1 day to as long as 365 days.

What are the potential returns with HYIP?
The potential returns varies greatly with the various investment plans offerered by the various programs ranging from 0.1% daily to 100% daily.

What are the risks associated with HYIP?
You may lose some or even all the money that you invested in the program. Whether you get your money back will depend on whether the program has a sustainable business model. In addition, beware of “hit and run” programs in the market which are simply out to scam you.

How to get started in HYIP?
1. You will need to open an account with an online payment processor to make send and receive funds with the HYIP program. Currently, almost all the HYIP makes use of e-gold as their only payment processor.
2. Choose the programs that you wish to invest in.
3. Make your investments into the programs using e-gold
4. Withdraw returns to your e-gold account.
5. Enjoy your profits/losses

Where to get more information on HYIP?
If you have really decided HYIP is for you, you can start finding out more about HYIP programs through HYIP monitors and HYIP forums. HYIP monitors are sites whose admin will make an investment in various HYIP programs and report whether the HYIP programs are paying and are paying on time. HYIP forums, on the other hand, are forums specially created for people who are interested in HYIP to come together and discuss their experiences with various HYIP programs.

Final Note:
This article aims to provide a concise guide to those who are interested in finding our about HYIP. Hopefully, you will find it useful.