Guide to Saving Money on Life Insurance

Getting great deals on life insurance isn’t too hard, especially if you’ve got a job, a credit union bank account and/or a mailing address or watch TV or surf the internet.

1. Find out what plans your employer offers. Depending on the size of the company you work for, a sizable life insurance policy could be yours for next to nothing. When I worked for a hospital that was one of the largest employers in my area, the company insisted on providing a very nice life insurance policy free of charge.

2. If you have a bank account with a credit union, find out if they have any group deals on life insurance. Sometimes you can get a deal for a minimal coverage for free with options to upgrade for small amounts, like $2-$10 per month.

3. Check the advertising flyers that arrive in your mailbox every week with coupons and sale ads. Nearly every week I get at least one flyer offering deals like “Globe Life Insurance” for as little as $1 a week.

4. Your favorite satellite and cable channels have insurance companies for sponsors who offer deals on insurance every day. Especially look for the offers on the news channels like CNN and MSNBC and Fox News Channel. Each of them usually have some commerical running for some sort of life insurance at a discount. Other channels advertise life insurance deals as well, but for sure the news channels are offering these deals most days.

5. See what kind of deals you can find by surfing the internet. There are all kinds of shopping deal clubs on the internet that include comparison offers on insurance, mortgage refinancing etcetera. Look around, see what offers interest you. I’ve belong to “” and while I wasn’t thrilled with some home refinancing deals they were offering through the club, I did find a better deal on home owners insurance than I’d had previously so a life insurance deal could probably be quite sweet through a shopping deal club like that. Even Googling the words “life insurance deals” or “life insurance specials” could help you find something you’re interested in. There are tons of deals out there, something for everyone I suppose.