Guide to new Hampshire Auto Insurance

Online sites have afforded consumers a much simpler way of shopping for auto insurance. In-

stead of going from office to office collecting information, a person can access an online

site. In many cases, providing only a zip code, they can receive a quote within a matter of

minutes. Proof of insurance can be available immediately.

The state of New Hampshire is different from most of the others. Conservatively opposed to too

much regulation, insurance is not required. The state prefers liability insurance. The tort

system provides that, in an accident, someone is determined to be at fault and that party,

and their insurance company, are deemed liable.

There are some upon whom the state does place the responsibility of insurance. These are

those offenders with DWI or DMV demerit points on their records. The penalty for an initial

DWI is a 6 month license suspension. The demerit offenses come in groups according to

severity and the number of points given; between 1-4. The state requires a form SR-22 from

these individuals as proof that they carry insurance.

A Google search to the topic of New Hampshire auto insurance brings no less than 20 sites

to choose from. One, boasts of 13 insurers competing for business and

giving a quote in less than 8 minutes.

We all have our financial picture to consider; especially in these tough economic times.

However, as the site New Hampshire Accident Lawyers ( points out, if the

at fault individual is indigent or otherwise unable to pay, a financial disaster may occur.

The site presents as a state requirement; personal injury liability of $25,000 per person,

$50,000 per accident and property of $25,000 per accident. Optional coverage; Basic

Reparations or medical payments coverage that will cover bodily injury to at fault driver

if the party is uninsured. Collision coverage for vehicles involved in collision or rolling

over. Comprehensive covers damage to vehicle caused by factors other than a collision such

as theft, vandalism, explosion, etc.

The state of New Hampshire basically leaves the extent of coverage and the cost up to the

individual but whether or not the car owner is forced to purchase insurance is immaterial.

People have seen livelihoods and fortunes destroyed by a claim that they cannot afford

to settle.