Great Job Ideas if you don’t want to Retire

The perception of retirement is changing. At one time it was popular to quietly accept the move from work life to a period when you are supposed to spend time cruising or bouncing grandkids on your knee, however there is a movement of people who refuse to stop working. They value getting up every morning with ideas of productivity and knowing they will be busy doing things that make an economic contribution.

If you are one of these people and you are close to the age when you are traditionally expected to retire, you may soon be asked to leave your job. That doesn’t have to be the end of your working life though. There are many options for retirees who don’t want to stop working; a few of them are listed below.

Become a Business Consultant

If you have a life time of business experience there is no need to allow that to go down the drain. Many companies will eagerly pay you a consulting fee if you can market your knowledge in the right way. Consider offering your services on this basis and you can have the best of both worlds. You’ll get to pick your clients, you’ll continue to earn an income and you don’t have to stop doing what you enjoy.

Start a Hobby Business

If you are ready for a complete change and you think you have the energy to start a business from scratch then you might consider starting a hobby business. You may be able to give classes to others who are interested in your hobby, contract out your services for an hourly rate or make a product to sell to others. Your options depend on your hobby but try to think outside the box and come up with something that will generate an income while giving you enjoyment on a daily basis.

Work as a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is a great vocation because it is flexible and you can do it with relatively little experience. You can write about any topic under the sun so you may even be able to use your past work experience as your inspiration for your future articles. There is a wide scope for this as well. You can be a niche writer or you might even be interested in starting a blog to advise others on a topic of interest.

Shift to Part-Time of Telecommuting

Finally, you may be able to switch to a different work arrangement with your current company if you let them know you would be interested in this. Your company may be happy to have the benefit of your experience even if it is on a part-time or telecommuting basis.

Who says you need to retire from work? If you want to stay active find a way to do it and spend your golden years the way you think you should, not the way society dictates you should.