Getting Foreclosure help

If you have been paying attention to the news then you probably know that foreclosures are on the rise. Certain states like Ohio and Michigan are reporting a substantial job losses. Are states like California, Florida, and Nevada are reporting that the number of mortgage payments in default are steadily increasing. The sub prime lending is in a less than stable situation. We are seeing more people losing their jobs, more delinquent payments, more people unable to refinance due to a decrease in the value of their home and a less than stellar credit record that any recent time.

People are scuffling to come up with a way to keep their homes intact and ward off the foreclosure monsters. Others are just giving up their homes and deciding to become renters. The bottom line is people are looking for help with their foreclosures; they are looking for a way to get help and continue on with their lives. There really does not appear to be a reliable source of help on the horizon. We are however hearing about plans being put in place that will at least provide a minimal amount of help to those that are facing the unfortunate situation of foreclosure.

There are plans being formulated that will help those who were previously unable to refinance their homes to refinance. One source of help is coming from the Homeownership Preservation Foundation. This foundation has set up a toll free number which homeowners can contact 24 hours per day. This number is probably going to receive a lot of phone calls because of the dire state of the economy and those fighting off foreclosures. For those that are seeking assistance that number is 888-995-HOPE, (4673). Calling this number should help provide some guidance, assistance, and advice in the form relieving your foreclosure burdens.

I called this number and as you can probably guess I was told there would be an extended hold time. However to get 24 hour online counseling you can go to their website which is Go online if you are faced with foreclosure and receive counseling which will at least put you on the right path to deal with the thought of losing your home. You never know how it will turn out if you begin to take some type of action toward salvaging your home no matter how small the effort may appear to be on the surface.