Free Information about Supplemental Dental Care Coverage

When researching supplemental dental insurance you must keep in mind that it is NOT insurance though the word is used. Supplemental coverage is a discount plan that MAY be used in conjunction with your dental insurance, or, it can be used separately.

There are many companies offering discount plans, but it is recommended that you refer to known, reliable companies. Also, states have different regulations and some companies may not operate in your state. While this site is recommended on is you find it “” members companies so your information may be limited.

Where there is solid information available is at Here I found clear information to examine the differences between insurance and discount plans, the clauses involved, where you may or may not use a particular plan with a dental insurance policy. You can also find a doctor servicing that plan by Zip Code and the other plans that doctor participates in.

This site also lists by Zip Code, well-established companies who participate in your area. There is a comparison guide where the differences between a discount plan and insurance are listed in clear, plain language. Entering your Zip Code at the bottom of the page you get a list of providers in your area with the yearly rates and associated services. Many offer vision care and discounts on glasses.

Some even offer chiropractic care. Reputable companies listed are Aetna, Cigna, Optimum Health, and Signature Wellness. While comparing companies, look for information concerning the “non-duplication clause”. This clause will prevent “double payment” and of course it varies state by state. Inquire about CoB provisions or “coordination of benefits” where it states which policy pays first and also protects against payment beyond the cost of treatment. Please research the CoB provision in your state. The above description is an example and may not be exactly the same in your state.

“Purpose of COB

A COB provision ensures that you receive all the benefits to which you are entitled. If you or an eligible dependent have a claim that is covered by two or more group medical plans, one plan-the primary plan-pays its benefits first, regardless of the amounts payable under any other plan. The other plans-the secondary plans-will adjust their benefit payments so that the total benefits paid to you do not exceed 100% of the charge for covered expenses.

One important point to consider, beware of those plans that “are as low as…” While researching, you will find references to plans as low as $5.00 per month. Compare services and restrictions, and also if anyone in your area actually honors those plans. Always remember, “BUYER BEWARE”.