Free Family Friendly Activities

It can be a daunting task to find activities that a whole family can enjoy. When you do manage to find a few activities, it seems like the cost of those activities will break the family bank book. Due to high prices of amusement parks, movie theaters and theme parks, many families find themselves stuck at home more often. There are activities for the whole family to do that are free of cost.

*Game night. Any teens reading this are probably rolling their eyes and groaning to themselves. Game night not only includes board/card games, it also includes gaming systems and computer games. The game you play is not nearly as important as the quality time family spends together. Pick a silly game, and let the good times roll.

*Nature walks/hikes. Encouraging your family to go for a nature walk, may take some fancy talking, but it is worth the effort. Both adults and kids can discover things they have never noticed before, and learn to identify plants, trees and even some small animals. Nature walks/hikes can turn into a new family hobby like bird watching or rock collecting.

*Movie time. Movies are especially fun during cold winter evenings. Let each family choose a movie, pick out a movie everyone can agree on. Family films and light comedies are among movies your family may consider watching. Pop some popcorn, or even better, gather the family together and bake cookies/cupcakes before you sit down to enjoy the movie. Your family can make a day of preparing for movie night. Set up the viewing area with blankets, pillows and other comfy items and then make some homemade snacks. The reward for working together is to sit back and enjoy the movie.

*Picnic. Family picnics can be lots of fun. Pack a lunch and head to a local park and lay everything out on a blanket. Be sure to bring a ball or Frisbee to toss around. If the weather does not permit going outside for a picnic, have one indoors and then play of game of hide and seek.  

*Sight seeing. Think of it like a family field trip. Call and see if you can make arrangements for your family to tour a local business of interest like a farm, ranch or candle shop. The whole family can enjoy seeing animals at a farm or ranch and possibly learn some new things. No matter what business your family takes a tour, make it memorable by taking pictures/video of the trip.

Planning family activities does not have to cost an arm and a leg. There are many activities that the whole family can enjoy like game night, movie night and nature walks. Try to keep in mind that family activities are more about spending quality time together than about costly entertainment.