Financial Securities

In order to gain potential financial security it is vital that you place into a spreadsheet or even a piece of paper all the current debts that are owed and place value to each one. For instance if you seek a roof over your head that has all utilities on but can do without cell phones then focus on these priorities first. Then take the remainder of the bills and place a priority listing onto each one. Seek other ways to bring in financial increase by tapping into your expertise, creativity and opportunity to find where extra income will benefit the overall situation. We could no longer get loans to pay current loans and starting chopping everything that was not a necessity. By building your own house you begin to value the amount of work that goes into your mansion and gain skills that you would have never known existed prior. This is what began our journey, now it is time to find your journey’s pathway to success and fulfillment.

Take a look at bills, priorities of interest and finding alternative value in family and/or individual happiness. For us that meant going back to basics, pulling my children out of schools and seeking alternative medicine when we needed healthcare. School can get expensive with photos of their year, yearbooks, clubs, materials and of course those uniforms or clothes that all have to have just to fit in. This took away so much from our family’s finances and one area that we found could be cut. Simply instructing our own kids by using internet services as a positive reflection of our needs and homeschooling them to bring back the family unity and educational values, our children began to take form, become children of character again and became independent, intelligent human beings. If this isn’t something that is a possibility then look at such things as declining pictures from picture day and taking your children’s pictures outside when the colors change, in front of an ocean, mountain or old oak tree to not only make remarkable photos but making memories along the way. These photos are so easily manipulated to create individualism, creativity, personalized works of art with a lifetime of memories to hold onto and processed in a manner that the school expensive photos just cannot beat.

Become a leader in an organization of your choice that helps to change and implement these new factors into your new lifestyle and begin to fight back on the financial obligations that the institutions and big business want you to buy in on. You have a voice; it is just time to use it. This is not impossible and can be genuinely done if your heart is prepared for the journey. Understanding the difficulties along the way will not be easy to follow all of the time. Place a timeline for how long your ideas can continue, goals need to be accomplished and realistic ideals that will yield the most potential out of your sacrifices. Most of all remember the sacrifices made and do not look or conform to all that the world continues to do or you will take your focus away from your ultimate goal. Others will continually try to bring you down regarding your choices but you must stand strong, continue the pathway that seems very narrow and adjust as you go to finally grasp that prize at the end of your rainbow.

Seeking the rainbow seems to move just like a real rainbow does as you exit out of reflections from the sunlight of beauty. This is true of life, our visions may not always be so colorful and portray reflecting dark shadows that consume the light of understanding but never lose faith and always trust in the God that made you to help you along the way. This will guide your ways, keep your pathways straight and always answer difficult questions that may seem to cloud your mindset. Remember one light in a dark room still shows you the way out and gives you sight to see your own hand in front of your face. Battles are always fought in our minds but if we keep our hearts in check, leading us out of the battlefield and into our own individual paradise then we will and can accomplish all that we were created for. That spark of insight should continue to flicker in order to light the pathway of success.

Now getting away from the metaphorical implications of financial stability we find that focusing on the needs and not the wants we can do without so much and gain the financial support we are requiring during a time of little. Paying for the roof over your head, food in your mouth and utilities to keep you warm may be all that is affordable right now. After this, it is your choice if you will go further and continue on with comforts that seem to bog us down and bring destruction to our pocketbooks. Taking note on all that is coming out monthly and working out the numbers to meet the paycheck can be manipulated appropriately with some ingenuity and manipulations of the time frame that everything comes out. Trying to focus on this first is a vital part of the process and must be administered continuously for the final destination of accomplishing financial security. Of course as we move on, there are numerous other potential calculations that will make a difference if we understand the importance of our choices now and begin changing our steps into the future.