Easy Ways to Save Money by going Green

Today, people are looking for ways to not only save money, but if possible help the environment. There are some easy ways that you can save money going green that you might not even have thought of. Here are a few things that you can do at home that you will probably barely notice that can help you save money and go green.

Skip disposable razors

According to the Gillette Company, 68 million men shave with a razor. Imagine if only a fraction of them currently used disposable razors, the expense and the buildup that is caused in landfills.  In general, non-disposable razors are less expensive over the long term than disposable razors and can help your family take a step towards going green.

Forget paper cups

While it may be tempting to put a paper cup dispenser in your bathroom, skip them and elect instead to purchase plastic tumblers. Plastic tumblers can be purchased in a variety of colors for as little as $1 each (check your local dollar store) and can save hundreds of dollars on paper cups.  In addition, this money saver also helps protect the environment.

Eliminate paper coffee filters

Coffee Filters are used in nearly all drip style coffee makers. Rather than spending $2 to $3 each time you need filters, invest about $10 into a permanent coffee filter and never have to worry about filters again. Not only does this save you money, but it also cuts down on waste, helping you go green.

Buying In Bulk

There are several items that can be purchased in bulk allowing you to save money and cut down on waste. Examples include dish washing liquid, shampoo, body wash, liquid hand soap and conditioner. If you find that the bottles are too unwieldy, pick up some travel size bottles to store what you need in your bathroom and store the rest in your linen closet. Not only will purchasing these items in larger quantities help you save money, but you will cut down on the number of containers you are throwing away, helping you be more green.

Carry it with you

Coffee shops and convenience stores have made it much easier for people to stop on their way to work for coffee, bottled water or other beverages. This can create a considerable amount of waste as well as be very costly. Purchasing hot mugs for travel or travel water bottles allows you to carry them from home, saving money and helping you go green.

Snacks can be culprits

Companies that make cookies, crackers, potato chips and more have made it even more convenient to carry “snack sized” containers.  Instead of investing in these pre-packaged sizes, purchase snacks in bulk sizes and carry them in small plastic containers with airtight lids.  You can generally find containers at your local dollar or discount store very inexpensively. The more often you purchase snack items in large containers, the more money you will save. Preparing snacks at home into snack sized containers also helps protect the environment since you are not disposing of individual packages on a regular basis.

These are just a few easy ways to save money by going green. Saving money is important to everyone in this difficult economy. Today, there are more reasons than ever to do more to help protect our environment.  There are hundreds of other simple and painless ways to save money and go green including replacing paper towels and napkins with cloth rags and napkins.  Take a look around your home at the things you use all the time to find other easy ways to save money by going green.