Drug Abuse Health Care or Prison System – Yes

“Doctor, Lawyer, and an Indian Chief.” is the last line from a childhood rhyme we used to use to pick team players with.  Kinda like, “Eeny, meeny, miny, mo”.  From my childlike perspective, I saw both Doctors and Lawyers as greedy rich people while the Indian Chief, I saw as a once proud and brave person who had been saddened, broken and wiped out by the other two guys and their friends.  The Chief was turned into that character in a TV commercial standing on the side of a highway covered in trash, crying.

 That actually bothered me until a real Indian Chief molested my daughter at the age of eight and he is her Grandfather!

 Now I know that there are diseased people everywhere!  From my adult perspective, I have compassion and lunacy.  If I didn’t, I’d dwell on the molestation and become a murderer.  I’d take the law into my own hands.

 I don’t particularly like any of those guys now either but somebody has to be the good guy!  Not too think in black and white terms either.  Crime –vs- Health and Lawyers –vs- Doctors. 

 Everything is more complicated then that but how many criminals have you seen perform brain surgery?  And how many lawyers have you seen perform opened heart surgery?  I’m sure the lawyers would argue that there are a few but doctors treat drug abusers better then the law does.

  Practicing doctors get results and keep working harder and harder to perform miracles.  I give testimony to this fact.  Having been a heroin addict for over fifteen years and directly involved with all of the above mentioned processes.  I have the credentials to know.  A mental and medical diagnoses, and a pharmaceutical drug called, “Suboxone” cured me of all my desires to abuse or use, one of the most addicting and illegal drugs in the world, heroin!

 Now I don’t burden tax paying citizens to pay for my expensive incarcerations.

 All abuse is a physical or mental problem, and not a criminal problem.  Big money and hype has drawn in the criminal justice system and politics.  Remember President Nixon?  This powerful greedy lying stain on the American culture is the one who is responsible for creating the “Drug War” and the “D.E.A.” or Drug Enforcement Administration.

 So is everyone blind?

 We as a people need to take a closer look at what he did and the history of prohibition and learn from these mistakes.  President Obama just might change this issue if we all speak up while he’s still in office.