Disney Apparel

When you walk into any Disney store or Disney park, or almost anywhere for that matter, you are inundated with Disney apparel.  You can buy t-shirts with just about any Disney character on them, depending upon where you look.  Disney is everywhere you look, and seems to be getting bigger all the time.  Because there is so much available in so many places, it’s really not hard to find Disney apparel at a significant savings.  It also depends upon your age.  Disney apparel is most readily available for women and children.  Men may actually have to visit the Disney store or even one of the parks to find apparel.

For babies and toddlers, finding Disney clothing is a breeze.  It is available almost anywhere from Walmart or Target, to Sears, to, naturally, the Disney stores and parks.  Sometimes you may even run across a lucky find at your local Dollar Tree or 99 cent store.  At Walmart and Target especially, it seldom costs much more than regular apparel, but it has Disney characters on it, making it that much more appealing to little ones.  You can buy t-shirts, pajamas, or even complete outfits for very low prices. 

For little girls, you can still find Disney apparel almost anywhere that you look.  From discount stores, to department stores, to specialized Disney stores, finding clothes for little girls that feature Disney princesses, Mickey and Minnie or Tinkerbell is very easy to do.  Even little boys are fairly easy to find Disney themed clothing for, especially if you want items featuring the Pixar movie “Cars” or even Toy Story. 

As little girls and boys turn into big boys and girls, this is where the boys’ things get harder to find.  Boys apparel at this point almost has to be bought at the parks or at the Disney stores, whereas girls continue to have t-shirts and other apparel featuring Tinkerbell especially and occasionally the princesses or Mickey, readily available.

Women can still find Disney apparel at any age.  T-shirts featuring Mickey and Minnie or Tinkerbell are available almost anywhere you look, sometimes for as little as $6 each.  Pajamas featuring the famous characters are also easy to find at very low prices.  Even underwear with Disney characters on it is readily available at your local Walmart.  Men have a bit harder time, but the park is filled with merchandise for men and women, and World of Disney does have sales at the end of each season, making these options more affordable.  

Everyone in the family may also shop at the Disney outlet section of the Disney store online, or if you prefer to shop in person and have one in your area, try the AMS character warehouse store, where they have merchandise at deep discounts from both the Disney parks and the Disney store.  If you know where to look, it’s very easy to save money on Disney merchandise, including, but not limited to, apparel.