Desire to be Rich get Rich Millionaires and Billionaires Make us Rich become Rich

Most of us have the desire to be rich and wealthy. Even for the self-made billionaires and millionaires in the world, their riches started from the same desire that most of us have. Since most of us have the same desire, why are they the billionaires and millionaires now? Why are we still a rat struggling to compete in the rat race?

For most of us, the desire remains a desire, we do no more than go to work, clock in our 8 to 10 hours, and then clock out and go home. Day in day out, we wait for pay day. Then we use the money to pay all the bills and buy all the things necessary for survival. Hopefully there will be some money left for us to save for rainy days.

That is about it. Our desires to be rich are not strong enough to propel us to take further action. Of course we have dream of “one day when I become a millionaire or billionaire”. However that dream is just a castle in the air, full of air and nothing concrete.

We know we are not going to be rich, unless we are lucky enough to win a big jackpot or have relatives who are rich and willing to share their wealth with us.

For some of us, the desire to be rich is a bit stronger. It moves us to seek financial education and takes action to invest and control our money. The desire and the actions taken can make us a bit richer than we are now. We will be able to move into a nicer neighborhood, live in a nicer house and have a bigger retirement nest.

There are a small group of people whose desire to be rich becomes an obsession. They are fully committed emotionally, mentally and physically. The whole-hearted commitment causes the small fire of desire to develop in intensity high enough to burn the whole forest.

They work hard. They work smart. They love their work whole-heartedly. They work as if they are possessed. They work as if their whole mission in life is to be rich. They do not lose the focus till they become rich.

After years of hard work, they do become rich. We get to know them when they become one of the millionaires and billionaires featured in the newspaper and magazines.

Once they attain the goal of riches, their life focus changes. They do not go to their grave still harboring the same desire to be rich. Other desires take the top position in their hearts.

Desire to be rich is not enough to make us rich. Desire to be rich requires a price that not many people are willing to pay. Happy is the person who pays the price and enjoys the fruitage of riches!