Dental Healthcare Insurance

Dental Insurance is available to employees in group health insurance plans and it is also available to the general public through a large number of national dental health plans.

The cost and savings in the public health plans appear to be comparable in cost to the plan that I had with my company. When I was employed, I had the Delta DMO (the partner to my HMO plan) and chose a participating dentist in my neighborhood. The discounted cost of dental services an estimated rate of between 20% and 50%.

National Dental Providers

The advantage of selecting a national health plan on your own is that the cost is comparable to the group health plan. You get to choose the plan that best fits your dental needs. National plans offer dental service promotional coupons for discounts and many offer a number of free months just for signing up.

When selecting a national dental plan, the member selects a dentist from a list of participating dental providers. Average yearly membership fees range from $79.00 to $129.00 dollars per year. The estimated savings on common dental procedures range from 10% to 55%.

National dental plans offer common dental procedures at a discount and some may offer cosmetic procedures at a discount too. An on line search by zip code will allow you to evaluate a number of plans. lists a number of dental plans and displays available services and a discounted fee schedule for each dental plan it lists. Each plan can be evaluated on its own merit.

What You Need to Know about Dental Plans

A. The fee schedules shown on line are based on current information. Individual fees may differ.

B. You must choose a participating dental office. Consult with the dental office for current participation status before signing on.

C. Always consult with the provider before beginning any dental program.

If you do your homework, you will probably find that there is a national dental plan that fits your individual needs in terms of costs and services.