Deleware Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is the law in Delaware. All registered vehicles in the state must include a minimum liability policy that includes 15/30/10 coverage. This is the amount the auto insurance agency is willing to pay for bodily injuries and property damages to the other party involved after an at-fault accident. PIP(personal injury protection) is also required, with a minimum of $15,000(total of $30,000 per accident) in coverage. PIP pays the medical expenses regardless of who is at fault. These amounts are quiet low, and you may choose to raise these amounts to be better protected in the event of an accident. You may also want to consider some of the additional choices you have in auto insurance.

Collision coverage is one of the most popular policies drivers choose to add. This coverage pays for physical damage to your car as the result of your vehicle colliding with an object, such as a tree or another car. Up to the Kelley Blue Book value of the car can be paid for repairs or a replacement vehicle. This coverage is based on the value of your vehicle and can be costly. Most finance companies require this coverage to be carried.

Comprehensive coverage can also be obtained. This policy pays for damages to your car from almost all other causes besides an accident, including fire, severe weather, vandalism, flood and theft. Comprehensive coverage also will cover broken glass, such as windshield damage.Policies vary from company to company;be sure to check what is included in your coverage.

Uninsured motorist coverage pays if you incur losses from a driver who does not have auto insurance or a hit-and-run driver. It can also take effect when the insurance coverage does not cover the total amount of damages incurred. This coverage takes the place of the insurance that the other driver should have had but did not. The coverage comes at an automatic $250 deductible for property damage, regardless of the deductible you may have on your other coverage. Many people choose to add this coverage to their vehicle.

The amount you will pay for your auto insurance is based on a number of things. Your age, gender, type of vehicle you are insuring, driving record, and even your credit score can affect your insurance premiums. It is advised to get quotes from at least 3 companies in your Delaware city. Quotes can be obtained free of charge online at a site such as There’s no obligation, and in less than 6 minutes, you can have up to 5 different quotes. Comparing rates can save you hundreds of dollars every year on your auto insurance.