Cut Electric Bills by Half Cut Utility Bills Turn Heat Downcold Weather Turn off Lights Drafty

Cut your electric bills by half! Sounds like an ad for something that will cost a lot of money now doesn’t it? Well it’s not. It is free advice on how to cut your electric utility bill in half. With unemployment surging, hard economic times upon us and the holiday season in full swing, you are doing what almost every other person is doing; looking for ways to cut those high utility bills.

Just how can you cut your electric bill by half?

Try the following methods:

Turn off all the lights. During the day, don’t turn on any lights in your home. Allow the natural light from outside to pour into your home.Open up blinds and curtains to let the natural light into the house. Sunshine may be limited for many locales during the long, cold winter, but when the sun is out, let it come in to lighten  and warm up your world. At night, only turn on lights in the room you are currently in. Tell the kids to only use one light in their bedrooms. Allow the holiday lights to shine into your home allowing for more Christmas cheer.

Many millions of people across the world only have one choice for their utility; such as not having the choice between gas and electric  utilities. When you are only allowed to have electric heat, lighting, dryers, water heater etc, then turn the appliances down. Turn you heat down during the day and wear warmer clothing. With heating costs rising to high levels during cold winter months, turn the thermostat down when you go to bed. Under the covers, you will not feel the cold.

Feeling a breeze wafting past means you need to find the source of the draft and cover it up. Cover those drafty windows and unused doors in the harsh winter months. Insulate any attic and crawl spaces in your home. Place caulk or insulating tape on the sides, and tops of windows, and doors.

Gradually get used to heat in the house. Don’t pump the heat up to a high level, of let’s say 75 degrees. When you crank up the heat, your body does not have time to adjust to the cold outside. Officially turning on the heat in the fall, your body will need time to get acclimated to the colder weather. By cranking up the furnace, after a long, hot summer, you will naturally crank the heat up to a higher level. Your blood will be thinner due to being used to warmer weather. Turn the thermostat up gradually in the fall. This way, your body will  adjust, with your blood slowly thickening, keeping you warmer. The best news of all;  keep the thermostat lower all winter long , thus saving money!

Other tips on cutting that electric bill in half:

Get out of the house. Buy a cup of coffee or tea at a local cafe, use the free Wi Fi, while enjoying this cozy atmosphere. Drop in on a friend, or a close, happy relative. Invite friends over to naturally warm up your home. Snuggle with a loved one. Boogie down to the happening beat of tunes you love, becoming warm super fast. Work out at home. Wear a warm, lightweight hat at home, keeping fifty percent of your body heat in your body.

Use your common sense tools, mixed with a little creativity to have a great time cutting that costly electric bill by half this winter. I’ve got more tips, but they will have to wait for another article.