Costco Online

Anyone with a family knows, Costco is the best place to shop for savings—or perhaps if you don’t have a large family, you’ve probably discovered savings to take advantage of at Costco stores. If you have shopped at Costco stores you’ll know that the best way to save in store with Costco is to buy in bulk. Need tissues? You’re bound to need them again, why not buy a year’s supply! But only large families can consume 50 lbs of chicken fast enough to make the purchase worthwhile.

Those of us who do not have families that eat like a football team, or space for a lifetime supply of toiletries, have looked into Costco—and been awed by the potential savings—but realized that it’s just not designed for our lifestyle. Until now. There is a new way to save at Costco—online.

You can find everything you need at Costco online and save on all of it without buying large quantities, in most cases, anyway—they wouldn’t be Costco if they didn’t offer 20% off 8 bottles of dawn, but 8 bottles are better than 80! Visit their store page on for extra savings. When you reach Costco’s main page you’ll see that you can search everything, or just sale items. My favorite shopping technique is the “treasure hunt” option…all the best buys on one page and categorized.

The last time I visited the site I purchased a new cat tree for my cat. I had the 55” Kitty Cat Jungle Gym delivered for $99—that’s $20 off. All of the sale items available online from Costco are exclusively online, not in store, which perhaps explains why you don’t need to buy bulk to save. I don’t know what I would do with 10 cat trees!

It’s not a bad idea to pick up the items you have to have around the house from Costco online either. Remember that life time supply of tissues? Well buy them from Costco online and you’ll get 45¢ off of each and every individual box!  

Lately I’ve had my eye on the Epic El 2980 Elliptical—I’m way too lazy for the gym, but maybe if I had the machine in my home, within a few feet of my bed, I might actually use it. Right now Costco online has it available for $699 with delivery, a $150 savings, or $799 delivered fully assembled, that’s a $200 savings. I’ll probably go with the assembled option, because of the excess of laziness I mentioned earlier.