Cost Saving Measures for Driving to Work

Traveling to work can cost a great deal of money, escalating with the distance and time you drive. Certain money saving measures can cut the cost in half or even more. Try numerous strategies to save the most.

Use public transportation

Public transportation can save a great deal of money on the costs of traveling to work. Because the cost of gas is so high, driving yourself is often far higher than the cost of a bus pass. Many areas offer subsidized passes or cheaper passes if you buy them for a month or another long amount of time. The biggest savings come if you can get rid of your car completely. Then not only will you save on gas, tolls and other car related costs, but you will save on payments and insurance.


You can cut the cost of gas, tolls and wear  tear on your car by carpooling. If you have coworkers who live near you, then consider forming a carpool. Most cars can fit at least four comfortably, and you might be able to cut your traveling costs by 75%. This can provide a significant savings, especially if you live far from work. Even carpooling with one person can cut it in half. You need to find people who live close enough for it to be worthwhile and who work hours that are similar to your own. Another option is to meet at a central location to carpool for at least part of your journey. You also might be able to carpool with your spouse by having one of you drop the other off on the way to work.

Use other methods of transportation

You may not even need to use a car if you live close to work. If you are fortunate enough to live close enough to bike to work or to walk, consider that. You will save money, get physical exercise and not harm the environment.

Your Car

You can save money by purchasing a more fuel efficient car. The mileage of cars ranges wildly. A fuel efficient hybrid can save you a lot of money on gas, while a large gas-guzzling SUV will just eat the miles (and money) up.

Miscellaneous methods

There are other smaller measures that can save you money on traveling. If you have control of your hours, you may be able to lump more together and go in fewer days of the week, saving travel costs. If you need to drive around town as part of your job, try to lump visits in the same areas together to minimize driving.

Travel costs can cost workers a great deal of money, but various methods will minimize them. Evaluate your situation to find out what is right for you.