Cooking with creamed corn

If you could pick an all time favorite cooking ingredient, what would it be? Some cooks would choose creamed corn. A plain old (preferably not so old) can of creamed corn, the kind available in pretty much any store.

The reason creamed corn is a popular food is because it is surprisingly versatile. It can added to recipes, things can be added to the creamed corn and it stands on its own merit as a wonderful side dish. The only thing cooks have to decide is if they are going to make it homemade or buy it at the store. 


There are many things you can add to creamed corn to create main dishes. For example you can add pieces of cooked chicken, pork or even seasoned ground beef.  You can also add cooked pasta and have a truly interesting taste and texture combination. 

One idea is to take a can of tuna (in water) and add salad dressing, chili powder, onion salt and minced garlic (the amounts of each will depend on your personal taste preferences) and mix well. Crumble a few saltine crackers into the mixture and then brown in a small skillet. Add the cooked tuna to the creamed corn and heat through. 

Dress up leftovers

Many people these days are looking for ways to make their money and food stretch. One way to do both is by taking leftovers and creating something new. Creamed corn can be mixed in with just about anything you have in the fridge. 

For example if you have some cooked ground beef/turkey/pork in the fridge, you can create a surprisingly delicious and simple meal. Put the ground beef in a sauce pan, add three beef bouillon cubes and three cups of water. When the cubes are dissolved, add two cups of pasta and cover. Cook until pasta is done. Add whatever seasonings strike you such as black pepper, minced garlic, onion and a dash of salt. Now add a can of creamed corn. Heat through and enjoy.

As an ingredient

You can add creamed corn to pancake, potato cake and tuna patty recipes. You can also use it in cornbread recipes for a taste treat. Some cooks like to put creamed corn in some of their favorite cream soup recipes.

One delicious idea is to add creamed corn to your meatloaf recipe. Meatloaf, after all, is a hodge podge of ingredients, and worthy of experiment. Creamed corn also fairs well in recipes using ham and potatoes.

Star of side dishes

Well, maybe “star” is an over-dramatic statement. Many people enjoy the taste, texture and simplicity of creamed corn. It is so easy to make from scratch and can be served on a Wednesday evening or with leftovers on Saturday.

It all depends on how you prepare the creamed corn how fancy it will appear on the table and on the plate. Sometimes just adding an extra dash of freshly ground black pepper can really make the flavor of creamed corn pop. 

Creamed corn is possibly one of the world’s most perfect foods. It goes well as a side dish, as part of the main course or to jazz up boring leftovers. The uses for creamed corn are multiple and varied. 

You and your family can enjoy creamed corn in some of your favorite recipes. If you or someone in your family is not a big fan of creamed corn, give it try in a couple of recipes, you might just be pleasantly surprised.