Comparing Target and Wal Mart

Walmart is a panic attack waiting to happen. It’s noisier than Target, more congested, and has a lot more kids running around than target. Target is a much cleaner store, inside and out. It’s well lit also.

Walmart smocks say how can I help you on the back of their shirts. See a problem there. You have to tap them on the back when they are stocking shelves to get their attention. Target’s shirts don’t have anything on the back of their shirts. They are trained to ask the customer if they are finding everything.

There seem to be more clerks to help you with your shopping at Target. Walmart clerks are few and far between. When approaching a clerk at Walmart and asking them a question, They tell you it’s not their area. So you wait as they call someone. This wait continues for minutes and a lot of times a person will get tired of waiting and leave.

The prices over all at Walmart are cheaper, but at what cost. Between the kids, the older population who argue and the clerks complaining constantly about not getting breaks who needs it. Target gives you a warmer feeling when entering their store. The softer lightening, and the cleanliness can’t be missed. Also, target trains their clerks to sweep their areas every hour, and to pick up items off the floor. Before the employees leave at night the store has to look perfect.

The temperature of the store is always too warm at Walmart. Target seems to maintain a nicer balanced store, not too cold, not to hot.

Target sells many more upscale items than Walmart. They strive to keep up with the times. Colors are constantly updated, styles and patterns too.
The furniture is a very nice quality over all.

Shopping on the Internet is no contest. Target has a better website, tons of items to pick from, and you can get some great clearance on line. Shipping is free when you spend so much. The color of the website is red, a motivating factor to spend some money.

Customer service, and returning items at Target is quick, and hassle free, and many times conveniently at the front of the store with it’s own entrance. This alleviates the congestion factor. Walmart has theirs in the front, but the lines can extend out and you have to walk around the people.

The customer with a big family can really benefit from the good prices at Walmart. But if you want smiles, help, cleanliness, and a faster check out Target is the place to be, and wins hands down in my book.